One look at the surrounding scenery and you can tell that fall is Mother Nature’s fashion show. Trees, leaves, and entire landscapes flaunt a dazzling palette of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Capture the glory of the season and liven up your home with an artificial tree that reflects fall’s kaleidoscope of colors. Treetopia’s line of orange and brown trees packs a powerful visual punch that elevates your home design to new and exciting heights.

1. Fall Theme: Green and Brown on Orange

Follow through with the fall look by decorating your orange tree with items and colors from nature. According to basic color theory, orange and green are analogous colors, meaning they share a common primary color, which, in this case, is yellow. This bold combination projects a youthful energy that suits your daring and spirited design style.

Rich orange Christmas tree with yellow lights
100% Orange Christmas Tree

This unique color mix works best by pairing a bold shade of one color with a muted shade of the other. Our 100% Orange Christmas Tree has a rich orange hue that is strengthened by the light yellow-green color of our Sour Apple Green Christmas Ball Ornaments. For variety, choose other green-tinted ornaments that have eye-catching designs and interesting textures, such as our Lime Drop Christmas Ball Ornaments.

Yellow-green ball ornaments
Sour Apple Green Christmas Ball Ornaments

A smattering of brown reinforces this theme’s natural look. Hanging acorns and pine cones on the inner branches of the tree achieves two things: they accent the larger green ornaments on the outer branches, and they add visual depth to the tree.

2. Get Creative: Red and White on Brown

Our Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree is every chocoholic’s dream. Adorning it with yellow and orange ornaments would paint a pretty fall picture. But we at Treetopia feel that a tree with such a luscious brown color demands having a bit of fun. Push the envelope to its most delicious extreme and tempt everyone’s sweet tooth with a giant chocolate sundae tree!

Dark brown artificial Christmas tree with pine cones
Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree

Take our Winter White Garland and let it spiral down your brown tree like a luscious swirl of thick, smooth whipped cream. Next, hang a good amount of our Plain Jane Red Christmas Ball Ornaments throughout the tree to simulate a sprinkling of sweet and succulent maraschino cherry bits.

Shiny, bright red Christmas ball ornaments
Plain Jane Red Christmas Ball Ornaments

Naturally, a big, shiny red star serves as the proverbial cherry on top. Craving for sprinkles? Add tiny red, blue, green, yellow, and pink ornaments and dig in.

3. Be Fabulous: Metallics

Give fall and your Treetopia Basics – Orange Tree an extra dose of glitz and glamour with a metallic color scheme. Drape our exquisite Toasted Champagne Garland on your orange tree, and embellish it further with your choice of gold balls and baubles for a strikingly modern and luxurious look. For a touch of rustic elegance, swap in some antique copper ornaments and bronze finials.

Bright orange artificial Christmas tree with clear lights
Treetopia Basics – Orange Tree

Mix in silver, platinum, and other cool-colored decor for additional sparkle and to counterbalance the warm hues of orange and gold. Shiny, deep-blue ball ornaments complement an orange tree beautifully and give your tree a dazzling and exuberant look that lasts all the way to Christmas.

Whichever design you choose, the stunning appearance and versatility of Treetopia’s orange and brown trees shine through as an extension of your impeccable taste and contemporary style.

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