In the last few days of December, we’re given the license to relax and reflect on our achievements and lessons learned. It doesn’t mean we can slack on our New Year event, though. If you’re looking to make a splash with your first or last party of the year, Treetopia has simple, yet creative ideas that are sure to make your party sparkle and shine.

Lit number signage

With all the fireworks and loud music everywhere, your guests can easily miss your house. Guide them in the right direction by illuminating your entryways with lighted house numbers. Craft numbers using strips of red or blue LED lights and place it near your front door. You can also make a cutout of your house number and use the LED strips as backlight. Choose bright colors so guests can easily spot it from the street.

Bubbly Ball Decorations

Bubbly ball decorations are a sight to see when walking into your living room. Hang glittered, silver and glass Christmas balls on the ceiling as a makeshift chandelier. When hit by lights, the balls emit a sparkling and intimate glow befitting your New Year’s celebration.

Gold, silver, and white balloons

Fill rooms with silver, gold, and white balloons for bursts of color that add to the celebratory ambience of the event. Scatter the balloons around your living room, garden, and dining area. Silver and gold are a sign of abundance and wealth, while white represents purity – perfect for an optimistic outlook on the year to come.

Sequined backdrop photo

Bright and sparkling materials certainly fit the festive spirit of your New Year event. Put a sequined backdrop against a wall and make sure there’s lots of space to move around in front of it. Use it as background for wicked selfies and wacky photos. You can utilize a tripod and a digital camera with a timer or hire a professional photographer for more polished pictures.

A Countdown clock

A Countdown clock to the New Year is as symbolic as pumpkins are to Halloween. Depending on the theme, you can go with a large vintage clock or use an iPad with a digital timer. Display your choice of clock in a prominent place, such as your mantel. Make it the official countdown clock of the party, and feel the collective anticipation as it winds down to midnight.

Glittered Centerpiece

Make your dinner table more inviting by creating a sparkling table centerpiece. For a truly elegant centerpiece, wrap candles in silver glitters and place them on a bed of silver and white ornaments. This is perfect for an elegant table setting and the colors match the celebratory mood. Substitute silver glitters with hot pink, baby blue, and brilliant gold to add a whimsical touch to your spread of entrees and appetizers.

Photo Confetti

One of the recent trends we’ve been seeing is the use of photo confetti. Create confetti by printing out small copies of this year’s memorable moments, or your friend’s funniest selfies. Then, cut the photos into different shapes and sizes. Hand the cut outs to your guests a few minutes before midnight, and when the clock hits 12, bask in confetti made from memories you all hold dear.


It’s probably that one time of the year when loud music and laughter won’t irritate the neighbors, so it’s best to take advantage of it. Have your guests bring homemade noisemakers for the party. Make a game out of it by letting the crowd pick the best, most creative, or most annoying sound of the night. Enjoy the collective roar of your homemade noisemakers as your countdown begins!

Countdown Toast

Champagne is always a welcome drink for the countdown toast. For the purists, nothing beats a chilled glass of bubbly to start the year right. For those who want to add variety to their midnight toast, mix champagne with your favorite ingredients to create sparkling cocktails, mojitos, and sangrias. For guests who have not yet turned 21 in the past 12 months, a healthy dose of sparkling grape juice should do the trick.


Sparklers are your best bet for a safe welcome to the New Year. You can even hand them out to kids who are under parental supervision. Make sure to light them outdoors or in a well-ventilated room as the fumes can be a nuisance or a health concern. Hand out sparkles just before the countdown begins and light them all at once for a perfect ending to your celebration.

Whether you’re hosting for the first time or gearing up for your annual get together, these New Year’s Event Party Ideas from Treetopia are sure to be a big hit. If you’re looking for the perfect tree to complement your style, Treetopia has a collection of colorful trees that suits your festive year end celebration. Plus, for easy decorating, here’s how to give your Christmas tree a makeover for the New Year festivities.

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