You only have a few days after Christmas to set up your New Year’s Eve decorations. Why not make your tree the star of your year-end celebration? Here’s how to transform your holiday centerpiece into a New Year’s Tree.

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A Toast to Tinsel New Year’s Trees

‘Tis the season to dazzle! Our collection of tinsel Christmas trees are made with shimmering needles. They come in full, slim, and pencil tree shapes and packed with lush foliage from top to bottom. Plus, they’re crafted with a color-matched tree stand. The pre-lit versions add even more sparkle to your New Year’s tree without the need for you to manually string lights. You’re sure to find the sparkly tree that suits your style and personality!

Ring in the New Year with Unique Hues

If tinsel isn’t your thing, there’s a spectrum of other hues to choose from. A versatile white or black tree, for instance. Easily transition them from Christmas to the New Year.

Another option is to glam up a pink or red holiday centerpiece for 2022. With a few ornament updates, these trees work for Valentine’s Day, spring, and beyond, too!

Tips to Turn Your Christmas Centerpiece into a New Year’s Tree

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your holiday decorations up until January. But if you’re throwing a New Year’s party, why not jazz up your tree to match your celebrations? Below are some ideas:

1. Keep it glam.

blue silver and white new years eve decor
Silver tree décor by Sunny Chic Home

Pick Christmas decorations that double as New Year’s Eve ornaments. Choose ones with basic globe designs like a metallic ornament set. They match most decorating themes. Tracy of Sunny Chic Home decorated our Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree with iridescent blue ornaments, which remind her of the sea. Her decorating theme is gorgeous, no matter the holiday.

Tip: Shop early with both holidays in mind. This will save you lots of time and make setting up your Christmas and New Year tree a breeze.

2. Repurpose some of your Christmas décor.

woodland tree as new years eve decor
Gold tree décor by Design Fixation

Once Christmas is over, it’s time your Santa figures and reindeer take a vacation. Your snow-themed and woodsy ornaments can stay for the New Year, though! After all, winter doesn’t end until March. Get inspired by this tree decked out by Faith of Design Fixation. She added even more shine to our gold Christmas tree with shiny ribbon and pearl sprigs. The white snowflakes, eucalyptus sprigs, and pinecones created contrast.

Christmas decorating idea featuring Treetopia's Black Gold Ombre tree and party-inspired ornaments
Black Gold Ombre Tree decorating theme by A Kailo Chic Life

Aside from snowflake ornaments, Kara of A Kailo Chic Life also decorated her patterned tree with geometric ornaments. The metallic tones complemented the tree foliage. Then, she crafted paper fans out of gold and copper wrapping paper to complete the festive look.

Tip: Make sure to store your precious decorations properly, so you can use them again next year.

3. Reimagine red and gold for your New Year’s Eve decorations.

Treetopia Lipstick Red Tree in a black room

This color duo are staples for Christmas, but they make great hues for the New Year, too. Red is also believed to be a lucky color to usher in prosperity. Keep the décor minimal with red Christmas tree. The lush needles are enough to draw the eyes, while the lights enhance the dazzling effect of the gold ornaments.

4. Think outside the New Year’s tree.

Jennifer Perkins New Year's Tree with Color Wheel Light Show
Tinsel tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Once your tree is set up, either call it a day or take your New Year’s Eve decorations further. For example, play up your tree with some funky lighting. Holiday decorating expert Jennifer Perkins used a color wheel on our Gold Rush Christmas tree. That must have been some light show!

Jen also suggests using party items as ornaments. Think streamers, glow sticks, party hats, noisemakers, (plastic) champagne flutes, and anything else you would see at a New Year’s Eve party. Make sure the decorative accents around the tree are coordinated, too.

Gold Tinsel Tree with NYE decorations
Colorful gold tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

In place of the Christmas decorations, I added cheap New Year’s Eve Party Favors. The idea is that on NYE, guests can take their party favors right off the tree.

Jennifer Perkins
Wreath and tabletop tree new years eve decorations
Bar cart décor by Jessa of Sparkle Living

Don’t just stop at your tree. Get that party started by decorating other areas of your home. Take it from Jessa of Sparkle Living. Use sparkly wreaths, garlands, and tabletop trees as accents.

5. Make it meaningful.

meaningful way to decorate your white tree for the new year
White tree décor by A Kailo Chic Life

Got resolutions or affirmations for 2022? Create meaningful ornaments for your New Year’s tree like Kara. She used a vinyl cutter to cut out resolutions from colored cardstock. Then, she hung them on her white tree to serve as a visual reminder of her hopes and life goals.

new years tree vision board party
Silver tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Another idea from Jen: Use your tree as a backdrop for your New Year’s Eve vision board party. Spend time reflecting on what you want to accomplish for the year. Decorate a poster board or journal according to those plans and look at it regularly to keep your eyes on the prize.

6. Let the foliage of your New Year’s tree do the talking.

black gold ombre New Year's Tree

A pre-lit and patterned holiday centerpiece like this Black Gold Ombre Tree doesn’t need much to bring on the wow factor. Just add a firework-inspired topper and an elegant tree skirt. Once the ball drops on NYE, turn on the lights to turn up the shine even more!

Still don’t want to take down your tree after the New Year parties? Us, too. We’re all for keeping your Christmas tree up for all the exciting occasions you’re having this year. Don’t forget to share photos with us!

We hope these New Year’s tree decoration ideas inspire you for 2022. Spread the cheer and share these tips with friends and family who want to decorate for the holidays with a bang!

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