March is National Craft Month. I’m celebrating with fun and easy DIY spring projects involving unicorns, coloring books, storage, St. Patrick’s Day, and rainbows—duh!

Unicorn Rainbow Brooch

A book is the inspiration for my first National Craft Month project. Check out Hello Happiness: An Adult Coloring Book to Live Your Happily Ever After by artist Kim Geiser.

hello happiness coloring book

Immediately, I wanted to share the uplifting quotes and adorable graphics in this book! I’m always one to improve my pin game, and a brooch seemed the way to go.

Make a Shrinky Dinks unicorn pin on a jean jacket for National Craft Month

Here are the materials you need:

  • Unicorn image
  • Shrinky Dinks paper
  • Sharpie marker
  • Scissors
  • Map pencils in different colors
  • Safety pin
  • Toaster oven
  • Craft felt
  • Clipboard to help with tracing (optional)

1. Print out the images you want for your pins

Shrinky Dink unicorn pins

Making coloring book pages wearable is easier than you think. This is also making me think of making them into Christmas tree ornaments. The first thing I did was print out a few of my favorite images from Hello Happiness.

2. Trace the outline on Shrinky Dinks paper and cut it out

I placed the printed image underneath a piece of Shrinky Dinks paper. Then, I outlined the design using a Sharpie marker. Then came the fun part—coloring. Most shrink plastics recommend using map pencils.

unicorn and scissors

The next step is cutting out your design. Remember, if you want your pin larger or smaller, adjust the size print you make to trace. If you plan to make a backpack charm or necklace, now is the time to punch a hole.

3. Cook the Shrinky Dinks and attach a safety pin to the brooch

finished product unicorn out of Shrinky Dinks coloring book page

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for “cooking” your Shrinky Dinks. I heated mine in a toaster oven on a sheet of tin foil. Once your design has cooled, you can either add a clear protective coat or back it in craft felt.

4. Pin it on your jean jacket

decorated denim jacket

Add a safety pin to the back of your Shrinky Dink brooch, and this bad boy is ready for your jean jacket. Isn’t this project so easy and cute? Hello Happiness has so many fun designs. I’m sure it will inspire you to make enough flair for all your friends and family.

colorful backpack pins National Craft Month idea

Are backpack charms more your speed? Stop by my blog to find out how to make them.

Easy Rainbow Stitched Desk Storage

Colorful desk storage for National Craft Month

I’m always looking for cute ways to organize all my craft and desk supplies. This brings me to my second National Craft Month project. Sometimes, it is hard to beat cheap white storage basket s. However, nobody said they had to stay white. Why would they, when rainbow yarn exists in the world? These plastic storage bins with their large holes beg to be stitched.

1. Gather your supplies

Image source: Jennifer Perkins

First things first, gather all your crafting materials. A quick trip to the store should give you everything you need:

  • A basket (or baskets) with holes
  • Sewing needle for yarn
  • Yarn in different colors
  • A pair of sharp scissors

By the way, if you’re a craft-a-holic like me, check if you have any leftover yarn scraps from past projects.

colorful yarn stitching on baskets

There’s no right or wrong way to stitch these baskets–just in and out. Make sure your needle has an extra-large eye so your yarn fits.

rainbow desk storage idea for National Craft Month

Get creative with your patterns. Think about cross-stitch or plastic canvas projects for inspiration. On the DIY Network, I shared several ideas for stitching storage, even weaving. Head on over my blog for a complete step-by-step for these rainbow cuties.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Wreath

St. Patrick's rainbow wreath for National Craft Month

Not only is it spring and National Craft Month, St. Patrick’s Day is on the horizon. Check out my rainbow wreath. Feast your eyes, people. Rainbows rule, and this wreath proves it!

Clearly, a rainbow wreath is awesome without a thing added to it. I wasn’t sure people would get my St. Patrick’s Day pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-rainbow theme without a little decorating.

1. Prepare your crafting materials

green plastic bucket, fake gold coins, and clover leaf decor

You’ll need:

  • Color Burst Rainbow Wreath
  • Gold coins
  • Green plastic bucket
  • Decorative St. Patrick’s Day trim
  • Utility scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

2. Cut your green plastic bucket in half

green bucket cut in half

Find a green bucket to act as your “pot of gold,” then use utility scissors to cut it down the middle. This will make attaching the bucket to your wreath a lot easier. You can even use terracotta pots or paint an old Halloween pumpkin green. Be creative!

3. Decorate your bucket with gold coins and glue it to your wreath

Using a hot glue gun, attach the bucket to your wreath. I opted to add the bucket to the green section of the wreath to keep the rainbow going. Also, using your hot glue gun, attach a variety of gold coins as if they are coming out of your bucket.

gold coins and green bucket on a rainbow wreath

Feel free to add other decorative elements to the wreath. I opted to weave some shiny shamrock garlands into the colorful branches.

rainbow St. Patrick's Day wreath on a gallery wall

All you need to do now is hang and enjoy. Oh, and who said wreaths only go on doors? I think mine looks pretty amazing on the gallery wall. What do you think?

Rainbows aren’t just for spring. They’re for any other occasion and season, too. Check out these other posts for rainbow crafts and party ideas:

Got any rainbow craft projects you want to share with other readers? Leave a comment below!

By Jennifer Perkins

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