Every year, on the second Sunday of May, we pay tribute to very special women who we literally owe our existence to: moms. If you’re in search of unique DIY ideas for Mother’s Day, try thinking outside the (gift) box. Why not surprise the extraordinary woman in your life with a fun decorated corner or tabletop?

Mother's Day tree with Treetopia pink Christmas tree and custom photo ornaments
Image and décor by Jennifer Perkins

Before anything else, pull your pink Christmas tree out of storage. Haven’t got one yet? Check out these pretty options from Treetopia:

Jennifer Perkins shows you how to give your Christmas tree a Mother’s Day makeover. Read on to learn how she created custom ornaments and decorated her tree.

DIY Idea for Mother’s Day: Marquee & Photo Ornaments

By Jennifer Perkins

Mother’s Day is coming up. Put that special lady’s name in lights! Why stop there? Decorate an entire tree in her honor. I did.

1. Get your supplies ready.

My Mother’s Day tree décor started with Marquee Love letters from Heidi Swapp and a pink Christmas tree.

Treetopia Pretty in Pink Christmas tree with tabletop marquee letter ornaments
Make mom blush with a pink Mother’s Day tree.

2. Choose photos of special moments with Mom and frame them.

I wanted to incorporate photos into my tree for Mother’s Day. So, I printed a few of my faves onto fabric.

Materials for custom Christmas tree photo ornaments
Small picture frames and printed photographs work as ornaments, too.

I painted small embroidery hoops black. Then, I used them to frame my fabric pictures. I made ornaments of all the moms in my life—my grandmas, sisters, and aunts. I love the way black and white pop against the pink backdrop.

3. Create printed circle ornaments

DIY idea for Mother's Day with Treetopia Pretty in Pink tree
Aside from monochromatic décor, accent your pink tree with faux flowers, small balloons in pastel hues, and more!

I used scrapbook paper and a craft puncher for the circles. Also, I chose different prints but kept to my black-and-white color scheme.

4. Use ribbon as a garland and customize your marquee.

I picked up the polka dotted ribbon from the party aisle at the craft store. You can also use an actual Christmas garland in a fun color.

Tabletop marquee letter ornaments at the foot of a pink Treetopia tree
Alternatively, use a letter board with your message or wooden letter standees.

Have fun changing the look of your marquee letters with paint, paper, washi tape, and more. I wanted mine to be black and white to match my tree decorations.

Say it loud and proud with a fun tree: “I love all the moms in my life!”

Decorating Your Own Mother’s Day Tree

Wasn’t Jen’s DIY project inspiring? If you want to decorate a tree in honor of your mom, check out our Christmas Ornaments Calculator. It tells you how many you need depending on your tree’s height and decorating preference. If you’re also stringing lights, try our Christmas Tree Lights Calculator.

Treetopia Mother’s Day tree with lights and marquee letters
We hope your mom finds your DIY Mother’s Day tree de-LIGHT-ful!

Jen used a pink Christmas tree for this DIY. But, you can swap it for any of Treetopia’s colorful trees, too. Maybe pick a tree in your mom’s favorite hue? Or, choose a classic green Christmas tree and decorate it with her favorite things.

We’d love to see your DIY craft ideas for Mother’s Day and your other creative ideas on styling a tree for this occasion. Share them in the comments section below. And, cheers to all the moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day!

Images courtesy of Jennifer Perkins


  1. Sherry Fowler Reply

    love the marquee looking mom with lights; ribbon to decorate and homemade ornaments with pics of mom and kids thru the years on the tree

  2. Marilyn Holt Reply

    That is such a sweet way to honor Mom on her special day!

  3. What a great idea! I plan to set up a memorial tree in my home this year as I lost my dear mama just a month ago. Her favorite holiday was Christmas and so I want to set up a tree for a full year and this would be a great way to do it!

  4. Charlee Liebers Reply

    Great ideas! I will definitely be trying these out with my friends & fam! 💖💖💖

  5. I would oar the SILVER STARDUST TINSEL TREE and place family photos all over it. I would show her what a sparkly family she created.

  6. They are so lovely, and I love the little tree with the boxed MOM underneath so clever.

  7. Charity Moore Reply

    I’d do purple and blue, then I’d pictures of my grandma who passed away in 2018. She had such an impact on all us as kids and I know my mom would cherish it so much!

  8. These are such cute ideas! Just in time for mothers day- thanks!

  9. Penny Branson LeBaron Reply

    I would love the yellow tree and put black and white pictures through the years

  10. Rose Reeder Reply

    I like all the trees and the decorations. It’s interesting to look at them for ideas..


    I love these trees, I would put my mothers old pictures from the years on it

  12. JULIE TARDI Reply

    I love these trees the colors and to show that no matter what day of the year is you can still put up a tree

  13. Ron Ablang Reply

    I really like the “Create printed circle ornaments” idea. I would do this.

  14. Linda Davidson Reply

    Love these ideas. As we get older these are the things that will mean so much to us. Memories of good times and family.

  15. Elizabeth TierceMiller Reply

    This is such a cute idea. Ornaments for events and growing up.

  16. Karen Bellomy Reply

    I am not very creative but string lights and pictures hanging from clothes pins sounds good to me

  17. Robin Combs Reply

    My mother hated pink so I wouldn’t put one up in her honor. But these are pretty and maybe if she had seen something like this it might of changed her mind.

  18. Tonya Alston Reply

    These trees are really unique and pretty,lots of great craft ideas as well.

  19. Love all Treetiopia trees. The DIY mothers day tree is adorable.

  20. JoAnn Reynolds Reply

    That is a great idea to do for Mother’s Day! I love it. It’s beautiful.

  21. Lindsay Austin Reply

    Love this so much! If I were creating a Mother’s Day tree I’d fill it with pictures of all my favorite memories with each of the special Mothers or Mother Figures in my life. I’d use a silver tree and soft/pale colors to decorate with.

  22. Tammy Greer Reply

    I love this Mother’s Day gift idea! The throw-back photos are awesome!

  23. Melinda Dancy Reply

    Ooh i just love the mothers day oroments idea.
    Pretty kool.

  24. Melinda Gaines Reply

    I’d just love to get my Mom the Black Gold Ombre tree.

  25. Love the idea of a screan print of a photo on the canvas and then putting into a crafter circle. What a great item on tree or wreath.

  26. Crystal Walker Reply

    What a cool idea, I would have never thought of this, I’m going right now to get everything I need to do this

  27. Anita Corrow Reply

    What a great idea and would be fun to put together with the grandkids.

  28. Melissa Mazzur Reply

    these ornaments would be perfect for a mothers day tree for my girl scouts!

  29. Brandi Wiggins Reply

    This is an amazing idea. I can’t wait to try it for my mom.

  30. Jennifer Bunner Reply

    I love all these trees, I want to get so many of them!

  31. Andrea Behnke Reply

    If i had a pink tree I would decorate it with white and darker pinks

  32. I would use a small white tree and use spring colors to decorate it with. Maybe hang some Mother’s Day cards on it , along with garland and photos. I would also use some flowers to decorate the tree or around the base of the tree.

  33. I would decorate the tree with nursing emblems and stethoscopes. I would add some family photos and dog print ornaments.

  34. My mom loves Precious Moments figurines, so I would decorate it in pastel and Precious Moments ornaments.

  35. Patti Toole Reply

    I absolutely Love this Idea. I’d make a kind of This is your Life Tree with pictures of my Mom throughout her life.

  36. Amber Lee Kolb Reply

    This is such a great idea! It’s so nice to have your own space and I think handmade surprises are the best surprises!

  37. Gracellen J Golinski Reply

    I am a huge fan of DIY’s and this one is great!

  38. You have great looking trees.. I think my mom would like any of them.

  39. Elissa Hammond Reply

    I would decorate it with lots of pinks and purples and led lights with a photo of her and her kids at the tippy top!

  40. Patti Matthews Reply

    My mom always had our tree covered in silver tinsel when I was a younger child so I am certain she will be ecstatic to have a silver Christmas tree 🎄
    Thank y’all for the wonderful opportunity to bless Mothers!!

  41. My mom loves owls! all shapes and sizes! I can decorate a tree with all different kind of ornament owls for her

  42. Sara Campbell Reply

    Lovely tree decor ideas i love many of them. Shure fire way to think outside the box. These trees are very lovely.

  43. All the trees are gorgeous. The Mother’s Day tree is so cute.

  44. Canida Williams Reply

    This is an awesome idea. I am soooooo loving the pink.

  45. athena graeme Reply

    My mom loves yellow roses. For mother’s day I’d use a white tree and cover it in yellow roses and greenery.

  46. Love love the idea of holiday trees!!! These are the cutest project!! Cant wait to start planning the decorations. :0)

  47. Sarah Sexy Reply

    I would have it year round and put a picture of her on top of the tree because she is the anchor to the family then pictures of her parents, kids, grandkids, and pets she has and put pictures of those we lost on there

  48. Krista Woolston-Weigle Reply

    So neat. Going to try to make one of each child and grandchild.

  49. I love the idea of decorating a special tree with my mother’s favorite things

  50. My mom would really like this type of craft – putting the grandkids and great grandkids on the tree would be perfect for her

  51. Shelby Weller Reply

    I love the idea of making pictures into Christmas ornaments. I always made my mom ornaments when I was in school, and she still has them on her tree. Why not continue to make her some?! Love it!

  52. Tonia Booker Reply

    Beautiful tress the endless decor and theme love them all

  53. Patty Watson Reply

    Ornaments that every family member makes to hang on tree

  54. Laneshia Bogart Reply

    Love the DIY tree for mom! And the photos make it such a personal and memorable gift! I’m so stealing this idea!!!

  55. Amanda Perkins Reply

    I love all these trees! I can’t decide which I love most

  56. I love the ideal of taking pictures and making a garland could use all year round.

  57. Wow! What a good way to make a Christmas tree usable all year round!

  58. This is the best I think we need to do more for moms 💕💕💕💕💕 my mom is the best just saying lol

  59. Precious Mariner Reply

    All the trees are so unique and pretty, I enjoyed the site and seeing the comments other people left.

  60. I’d style this try with antique ornaments, chocolate and lots of hearts to celebrate my mom!

  61. Rayna Robinson Reply

    My mom’s favorite color is blue, but I have to say Treetopia’s has alot of beautiful pink decorated Mother’s Day trees. I absolutely love them all!

  62. diane sabatini Reply

    This is a fantastic and wonderful way to keep their memories alive.

  63. Belinda Rowden Reply

    I have no creativity, so great job to those that do!

  64. Tiffany Green Reply

    These are great ideas and I can’t wait to make one for my Mom a dedication tree!

  65. Jasmine Claxton Reply

    I would style a tree with my mom by putting pictures of our family on it as ornaments.

  66. Teresa Organ Reply

    Love the tree! I would style a tree pretty much the same as this one!!

  67. I love love love the photo framed ornament! Such a sweet touch.



  69. What wonderful decoration ideas! I love honoring our mothers! I copy well and always appreciate neat ideas!

  70. Lisa Lyston Reply

    What a Beautiful Idea- I know my Mom is a HUGE Baltimore O’s Fan so she would LOVE the Orange Tree but… With my Husband Being in Remission from Metastatic Breast Cancer I would LOVE that Some Like it Hot or Pretty in Pink Tree

  71. Kathy Zolondek Reply

    This would be a creative way to display the Family Tree, having ribbons of various colors to show the connections along the lines. A great idea for a family reunion!

  72. Rachel Browning Reply

    I would decorate the yellow tree in black and yellow and some white

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