Today is pretty much Christmas for the Star Wars fandom. Whether you belong to the light or the dark side, or can’t decide, there are so many different ways to spend it. One way to hyperspace jump start your celebrations is to take this Star Wars quiz to see just how much you know about the films.

R2 wishes you good luck on this Star Wars quiz

Discover whether you’re a Padawan or a full-fledged Jedi when it comes to Star Wars trivia. Have fun!

Start the Star Wars Quiz

Wasn’t that fun? If you didn’t ace this Star Wars quiz, don’t worry. You have the entire day to binge-watch any film you missed out on.

More Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

Don’t just stop here, either. Why not decorate your space in honor of the empire or rebellion? Here’s an idea. Pull out your colorful Christmas tree and wreath from storage and decorate it with DIY ornaments. You can ask your little Wookies to pitch in for some arts and crafts fun.

Image and tree and wreath decorations by Jennifer Perkins

Tip: Want even more ideas to celebrate? check out our post on Galactic Ways to Feel the Fourth on Star Wars Day.

Loved this quiz? Then share it with the rest of the Star Wars fandom. May the 4th be with you!

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