You have spent all that time making your tree beautiful; why would you skimp on the gifts underneath? Spend the same amount of time making your gifts look as amazing as your tree. That being said, a tree decorated in plaid should not have pastel wrapped gifts underneath. Shop for wrapping paper while you shop for ornaments. That way, when it comes time to wrap, you are coordinated and ready. Did you see my Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree decorated in plaid?

The perfect vintage wrapping paper for a pink tree

The entire theme of my Some Like It Hot tree was inspired by the colors in this vintage wrapping paper I picked up at a thrift store. Last year I did jewel tones on the tree and this year I wanted to do something different. Instead of matching my wrapping paper to the tree, I matched my tree to the wrapping paper. I’m digging this groovy beauty.


For my Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree last year, I went with an angels theme and this year I decided to showcase my collection of Jewel-Brite ornaments. I even bedazzled a no-sew felt tree skirt to match. It hurt my soul a little to cover up my adorable tree skirt, but with gifts wrapped this cute it was okay. Again I tried to mimic my tree with the wrapping—chic meets kitsch.


What about making your own wrapping paper? Vinyl record jackets, tin foil—ever the old standby, and newspaper.


I know you are probably waiting for Black Friday to do all your sale shopping, but don’t forget to be ready for Wrapping Wednesday. Don’t phone it in with a crumpled bag from last year or leftover birthday wrapping; really make your gifts special on the inside and out this year. For more wrapping inspiration, please check out my board on Pinterest – Wrap It Up. For more views of my Christmas trees this year, check out my post on DIY Network called 10 Totally Outrageous Retro Christmas Trees.

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