Once upon a time, a magical creature made its way into myth, capturing the world’s imagination for centuries. The unicorn has flown to even greater heights, evolving into the pop culture symbol it is today. From storybooks to toys to décor, it never fails to fascinate. In fact, it has earned a spot in many unique holiday displays. In this post, we share unicorn Christmas tree ideas from decorating experts.

Pastel rainbow Christmas tree with unicorn tree topper

Choose a Colorful Tree for Your Unicorn Christmas Décor

First things first, select a Treetopia Christmas tree to match your unicorn decorating theme.
Choose from bold, pastel, or patterned shades, including the new Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree. If you’re short on space, we offer pencil and slim trees. Also, they come in different heights, ranging from 4 to 12 feet. Looking for something even smaller? Get our 12-inch tabletop trees. They come in a set of seven, one for each color of the rainbow.

Picture of a pastel rainbow Christmas tree
Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree
Treetopia's The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree
The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree
Ombre Christmas tree with different shades of pink
Strawberry Milkshake Ombre Tree
Light blue Christmas tree
It’s Azure Thing Blue Christmas Tree
Christmas tree with pencil shape and pink foliage
Pink Pumps Pencil Tree
Purple Christmas tree with warm lights
Purple Groove Christmas Tree

If you love the classic white unicorn, we offer a variety of white Christmas trees in different shapes, sizes, and lighting options. In fact, the Color Blast Winter White tree suits this theme to a tee.

Colorful lights on a white Christmas Tree
Color Blast Winter White Tree
Treetopia's Skim Milk White Pencil Christmas Tree
Skim Milk White Christmas Tree
Picture of a white Christmas tree
Winter White Christmas Tree
Warm white lights on a white Christmas tree
Treetopia Essentials – All Snowed in White Tree

Take your magical creature theme to the next level with our Unicorn Tree Decoration. This unique tree topper consists of a pair of pretty eyelashes and a golden horn. The latter is decorated with clear LED lights and set on a band of artificial flowers. Available soon on Treetopia.

close up of a unicorn tree tropper
Treetopia’s Unicorn Decoration Kit
Unicorn Tree topper on a pastel rainbow Christmas tree
Unicorn Tree Topper from Treetopia

Why are unicorns special?

Picture of a white unicorn with trees in the background

One Greek legend tells of the healing powers of their horns. These creatures are elusive by nature, making them nearly impossible to catch. Another source adds that they’re drawn to young, innocent girls. This is how hunters would lure them in. Meanwhile, unicorns are an omen of a fair and wise ruler in Asian mythology.

In modern times, these famous equines have appeared in countless books, films, and TV shows. One example is the book entitled The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. It was adapted for the big screen in 1982 as an animated flick, produced and directed by Rankin/Bass.

Person wearing a unicorn onesie

And we mustn’t forget My Little Pony of Hasbro. This media franchise and toy line has been around since the early 1980s. To this day, it enjoys immense popularity in a wide range of demographics, including “bronies” or fans consisting of teenage boys and adult men. This sub-fandom grew so popular that the show acknowledged it in a promotional song.

With all this in mind, what do unicorns stand for? The short answer: they represent the extraordinary. Merriam-Webster defines the “unicorn” as “something unusual, rare, or unique.” There are terms that have been coined using the creature’s name, too. An incredible business phenomenon is named after it: the “unicorn start-up.” BBC explains it as a rapidly growing business valued at over $1 billion. Then, there’s the term “unicorn wine,” which is used in reference to extremely hard-to-find bottles.

Unicorns have become somewhat ubiquitous these days. But we chalk it up to our fascination with their enduring appeal. They’ll always have a special place in our hearts and that’s what makes them so magical.

How do you decorate a unicorn tree?

When decorating a unicorn Christmas tree, a good strategy is to pick a specific concept. When the magical creature is mentioned, what image pops into your head? What kind of unicorn sparks joy in you? It’s different for everyone, and there are tons of ways to play with the theme.

Photo and decorations by Matt Crump

For example, you’re all about cute and cuddly unicorns. A pastel motif is the way to go. If your unicorn is quirky, go for a bolder approach with vibrant hues. Then, choose a colorful holiday centerpiece that goes with what you have in mind. The next step is to pick your decorations and aim for a cohesive look from top to bottom.

To help you get started, we asked five creative friends to decorate a unicorn Christmas tree. Keep on reading to see how they interpreted the theme.

Bring Fantasy to Life

Unicorns are magical and for Natalie Mayhew of @fernandmaplestyle, so are fairies. She combined the whimsy of two supernatural creatures and created an enchanting tea party set-up.

Lavender unicorn Christmas tree for a tea party
Essentials – Lavender Latte tree décor by @fernandmaplestyle

Transform your space with a lavender Christmas tree to match your theme. Then, turn it into an “Elfame,” a.k.a. home of the fairies. Use faux blooms in white, pink, and lilac to recreate springtime in enchanted woods. Don’t forget pixie dust to add subtle sparkle. Fill tiny potion bottles with glitters and hang them on the tree branches.

Faux floral and fairy ornaments hanging on a lavender unicorn Christmas tree

Swipe through the gallery below to see more details of Natalie’s tree:

Fairy ornament on a Christmas tree with lavender foliage
Step 1: It’s not a party without the fairies so save a few spots for them. These little door ornaments have lavender details and adorable pixies that match the tree.
Butterfly tree topper on a lavender Christmas tree
Step 2: For a tree topper, use butterfly wings made of mesh. Make sure it’s in a color that matches your theme.
Tablescape for a tea party with lavender motiff
Step 3: Continue the look onto your tablescape. White teacups and pots make beautiful accents to lavender.
Lavender Chritmas tree decorated with fairy theme for a tea party
Step 4: For consistency, use the same floral ornaments from your Christmas tree.

Pay Tribute to the “Unicorns of Christmas”

Santa Claus is a legendary Christmas character, and to spread joy everywhere, he has a troop of elves. Over the years, various works of fiction added color to the role of elves every holiday season. From making toys to updating the naughty and nice list, they supposedly do it all to help Santa. These tiny creatures are small but mighty, and that’s what makes them extraordinary like the unicorn.

Unicorn Christmas tree with elves theme
Candy Cane tree décor by @willbeagem

This year, why not dedicate a Christmas tree to Santa’s happy helpers? Michelle Meyer of @willbeagem chose a centerpiece with red and white patterned design. Small elf ornaments fill the branches while big ones stand guard around the presents. Decorative candy canes and lollipops sweeten the look.

Browse the gallery below to see Michelle’s magical elf tree up close:

Christmas cardboard decoration that says "Believe in the magic of Christmas"
Step 1: Transform a corner of your home into Santa’s workshop! Display big boxes of Christmas gifts and even bigger candy canes.
Elf Christmas tree topper with pointy feet and hat
Step 2: Add cardboard signs with cute puns for a cheeky display. Pointy hats and feet are two of elves’ most distinct characteristics, so be sure to include these details.
Red, green, and white tree topper for a unicorn Christmas tree
Step 3: The top section of the tree is a good spot for key decorations. Use a tall hat in the elves’ classic green and red color as a tree topper. The swirling design alludes to the unicorn horn.
Candy Cane Christmas tree decorated with elves
Step 4: Add the feet and then the eyes but make them wacky for a twist.

Turn Birthdays into Unicorn Days

Birthdays happen only once a year. Celebrate with the icon of uniqueness by decorating a unicorn Christmas tree.

Pink unicorn Christmas tree for a birthday party
La Vie En Rose Pink tree décor by @briteandbubbly

Vanessa Diaz of @briteandbubbly chose a pink centerpiece and filled it with DIY ornaments. Cakes of all sizes and unicorn balloons are displayed between branches. Wrappers of the birthday presents and the surrounding décor also match the tree’s hues.

Check out more of Vanessa’s DIY unicorn ornaments in the gallery below:

Cake ornament hanging on a pink Christmas tree
Step 1: Create a cake ornament by gluing together two pieces of round Styrofoam. Cover the top with felt fabric and paint on details like sprinkles. Glue a faux cherry on top as a finishing touch.
Balloon with a unicorn design hanging on a pink Christmas tree
Step 2: For a unicorn balloon, simply inflate a small one and then draw the face with a black marker. Cut out cardstock in the shape of a unicorn crown and glue it onto the top of the balloon.
Unicorn tree topper on a pink Christmas tree
Step 3: Complete the look of your tree with a unicorn tree topper. Print, cut, and assemble a crown with unicorn hair, ears, and horn. As a finishing touch, tie together a few balloons on a stick and attach it on top of the tree.

Add Whimsy to Parties

The unicorn’s colorful story sparks joy in most people. For these two creative decorators, a rainbow Christmas tree represents the magical creature.

Bold and Bright

Rainbow Christmas tree decorated with a unicorn theme for a tea party
The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree décor by @raveinteriordesign

For her tea party set-up, Melanie Raver of @raveinteriordesign chose a patterned Christmas tree with vibrant hues. Kettles and teacup ornaments hang on the branches. Faux donuts and other sweets serve as accents. The tree topper is, of course, DIY unicorn features.

Here are more pictures of Melanie’s tree to get you inspired:

Step 1: Recreate the topper using colorful cardstock. Choose a rainbow pattern for the horn and then cut out ear shapes from blue and pink sheets.
Unicorn tree topper for a unicorn Christmas tree
Step 2: Don’t forget the fabulous black lashes! Add charming faux flowers, too.
Tea party ornaments on a rainbow Christmas tree
Step 3: Look for tea party ornaments that match the color of the branches.
Blue donut and Christmas ball ornaments on a colorful Christmas tree
Step 4: Add color-matched ornaments like glazed donuts.

Sweet and Stylish

Rainbow unicorn Christmas tree for a party
Rainbow Unicorn Christmas tree décor by Celebration Stylist

Jessica Lighter of Celebration Stylist used a pastel rainbow tree to spruce up a party area. The colorful display matches the accent wall and adds more cheer to the space. Set up a table beside it for a fun party snack bar.

Check out the gallery below to see more details of Jessica’s tree:

Pastel rainbow unicorn Christmas tree
Step 1: Let the spiraling foliage shine by keeping decorations minimal. Find pastel unicorn ornaments to complement the branches.
Unicorn tree topper
Step 2: To create your tree topper, use gold, white, and pink cardstock. Roses in dark pink add a nice contrast.
Unicorn ornaments on a Christmas tree
Step 3: Add unicorn ornaments in similar pastel colors for a cohesive look.

Other Unicorn Christmas Tree Ideas

Can’t get enough of unicorns? Read on to see more wonderful unicorn-themed displays from expert decorators. They really are the stuff of legends.

Use Ornaments in Striking Hues

Impress guests with a royal blue tree and deck it out with multi-colored decorations like Matt Crump. Unicorn ornaments add a touch of whimsy. He also used ones shaped like delicious donuts, lollipops, and cupcakes.

Sweeten the Scene with Soft Colors

Prefer subtle colors that deliver on the WOW factor? Go for a pastel rainbow Christmas tree. Decorate with just a few ornaments and let the unique spiral pattern work its magic. As the finishing touch, use a fancy unicorn tree topper.

Buying fewer ornaments leaves you with extra for unique room accents. Complement your centerpiece with mini Christmas trees. Display them on your coffee tables and shelves. As you add finishing touches, remember to keep them consistent with your pastel color palette.

Tip: Our Rainbow Unicorn Mini Trees are now in stock! Check them out it our Rainbow Collection.

A versatile white Christmas tree works, too. Not only does it match the coat of a classic unicorn, it’s also a shade that pairs well with most colors. For instance, this tree decorated with unicorn-themed ornaments complements the room’s pastel walls.

Put a Personal Touch on Your Tree

Dress up your unicorn Christmas décor like Celebration Stylist. Colorful lace dresses accent her ornaments. Don’t you think they add extra charm to the pink Christmas tree? Explore different concepts, too. Dress your ornaments or mini trees like celebrities or movie characters. It’s your call!

Use Your Toy Collection

Small plushies aren’t just for cuddling. They also make delightful ornaments for your holiday centerpiece. Take it from Emily Simpson. If you have a collection, here’s your chance to show it off and let guests gush over the cuteness! Reserve the top of the tree for your stuffed unicorn, of course.

Use a Pair of Unicorn Christmas Trees

When you can’t settle for just one theme, getting two Christmas trees is the way to go. Let Studio Mucci inspire you. She used baby blue and white Christmas trees to flank her colorful console. The contrasting colors frame the focal point of the room: the wall-mounted unicorn heads.

Mainstream Muse: Unicorn Christmas Décor Inspired by TV & Film

We compiled unicorn decorating themes to tickle your love for the fancy. Check out these videos to get more ideas.

Colorful Unicorn Christmas Tree with My Little Pony Theme

Do your kids love My Little Pony? Then, decorate an artificial Christmas tree with toys from their favorite show. Attach strings to the back of the toy ponies. No-residue tape works for lightweight ornaments and helps you avoid surface damage.

If there are older or heavier toys you want to repurpose, use eye bolt screws to secure the string. If your toy is made of fabric, sew a loop with embroidery thread through the top. Then, decorate the rest of the tree with paper ornaments. Let your kids in on the fun for some good ‘ol family bonding.

Stylish Tree with a Unicorn Store Theme

For something modern, decorate a white Christmas tree inspired by the Netflix movie, Unicorn Store. Start with a neon sign as a tree topper. Then use ornaments inspired by the glittered and fringed outfits of Kit (the main character). These will pop against white foliage.

Need more decorating inspiration? Read this guide for ideas on how to style your tree for different occasions:

Unicorns remind us that being different is awesome, so embrace your unique personality! Express yourself with Treetopia’s Christmas tree collection. And don’t forget to pick one that suits HUE.

We hope this post inspires you to decorate a fun and fabulous unicorn Christmas tree. If it does, share it with fellow unicorn-lovers and gush over the cute creations together!

Treetopia Trivia

Here’s a question for you: What’s the name of the new Treetopia tree with pastel-colored foliage in a hue-nique spiral pattern? Answer by commenting below.


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