We love how our colorful trees complement so many decorating themes, so we were absolutely thrilled when one of our gorgeous black Christmas trees was recently featured on LiaGriffith’s blog.

Treetopia black pencil tree with Halloween decorations
Photo courtesy of Lia Griffith

In her “Day of the Dead Decorations” post, LiaGriffith’s blog shows how her Halloween décor is inspired by the beautiful displays found during Dia de Muertos festivals. Beginning on October 31, this 3-day Mexican holiday honoring the deceased is celebrated with ornate private altars filled with folk art, bright flowers, and elaborately decorated skulls.

Expert paper craft designer that she is, Lia decorated her Treetopia Stiletto Black Pencil Tree entirely with personally handcrafted ornaments. The result is a striking Halloween centerpiece that’s bold and beautifully exotic.

Close-up views of decorated Treetopia black pencil tree
Photo courtesy of Lia Griffith

The paper banners feature intricately-cut designs and messages, a lovely tribute to the age-old art of papel picado, or perforated paper. Red, white, and orange flowers fashioned from crepe paper, which are traditionally used to represent the vitality of life, add cheerful splashes of color to our tree’s sleek black foliage. Finally, the life-sized skull tree topper and paper skull cut-outs pay homage to the iconic sugar skulls of Mexico.

Find more photos of Lia’s fascinating Day of The Dead tree by visiting her blog. And if you’re thinking of adapting this look for next year, check out our other black artificial Christmas trees and celebrate Halloween in a fun, festive way!

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