Roses may be red and chocolates brown but Treetopia trees win the Valentine crown

Red roses on a yellow background

Love songs on air, women with twinkling eyes and men with nervous smiles, romantic restaurants with a long waiting list – these are some of the signs that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. However, with the busy schedules of career-driven individuals and equally career-driven partners, romance sometimes takes a back seat. Take a break this Valentine’s Day and treat your partner to a romantic celebration.

When it comes to preparing for a special romantic day, it’s best to be fully prepared and pull out all the stops. These moves may be cheesy, but you can rest assured that by the end of the night, you’ll bring a smile to your partner’s face and feel flames of love ignite once more. Let Treetopia trees be your accomplice as they show you how to kindle love this Valentine’s.

Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree

Chocolate Truffle Tree

Chocolates are a staple for any romantic celebration. Instead of purchasing a box or two from the store, why not put in a little more effort by decorating Treetopia’s Chocolate Truffle Tree? Channel all the cheesiness you have in your body by printing out photos of you and your partner during romantic, happy, funny, and other moments you deem important in the course of your relationship. You can even add photos of places you both want to visit. Have your photos printed with nice borders (a Polaroid-style photo will do) or cut out your own frame designs from a sturdy board and punch a small hole on the top. Use these photos as your decoration for the tree and reminisce about those special moments together as you enjoy a candlelit dinner or a glass of wine by the fireplace. You can even take it a step further by sprinkling the tree with rose petals to make it even more romantic. Bonus tip: the Chocolate Truffle Tree contains zero fat, sugar, and calories!

Rose Red Tree

Valentine Tree

Another item that you’ll have competition for is bouquets of fresh roses or any other flower. However, cut flowers last only for a few days and, unless your lover knows a surefire way to preserve or give them new life through arts and crafts, they will end up in the trash bin. Instead of falling in line for fresh flowers, take home a Rose Red Tree to decorate. You can decorate this tree with whatever romantic item you can think of: photos, love notes, rose petals, or any of your other favorite things! But you can get the tree closer to perfection with a little more effort. Treetopia found these wonderful DIY paper pomander balls from the Ruffles and Bells blog. Follow all the instructions and create whole paper pomander balls, or skip the ball part and decorate your tree with the individual homemade roses. Don’t worry; even if you make paper roses, we’re sure it has nothing to do with the song. A little more effort goes a long way!

Rainbow-riffic Mini Christmas Trees

Rainbow Gumdrop Mini Trees

Did that say Christmas? Let’s focus on “Rainbow-riffic.” We’re sure you feel how much more color love has given your world, so if you don’t have much space in your home or you want to surprise your beloved in the workplace, why not show all those colors with our Rainbow-riffic Mini Christmas Tree. You don’t even have to decorate all seven colors because you can just work with the little red tree. Harness all the romance in your body and pour out your creativity on the little red tree. Decorate it with little heart or flower jewelries. Add small printouts of your photos that can be placed on your desks or in your wallets or bags after. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s special for both of you. Since your tree is small in size, why not bring an extra treat? Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate are delicious and sexy; you can’t go wrong with that combination.

If you want to go the extra mile, remember that not all that glitters is gold… but you can always put a ring on it with a wreath. 

all that glitters wreath and garland from Treetopia

More than a day when candy stores, flower shops, and greeting card companies make big sales, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Love takes a little more effort than giving store-bought items. Try something new for Valentine’s this year. Kindle the love with the help of our Valentine trees!

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