For people with home-based jobs, work is just as demanding as that in an office. Just like regular offices, a home-based one needs to be conducive to productivity. But unlike traditional offices, a home office gives you the opportunity to customize the space according to your specifications and work habits.

An ideal life includes striking a balance between work and home life. For people working from home, defining work and living spaces is a major factor in finding that balance. Separate one from the other, and you have the makings of a home that can be both comfy and work-friendly.

Below are a few ideas to help you define your home work space while keeping it stylish and practical.

Small details make a big difference.

Source: Mid-century Home Office by Portland Media & Bloggers Lola Nova

When decorating your home office, keep an eye out for objects with small or interesting details. A curtain with fine embroidery, or a table with unusual hardware can improve the room’s aesthetic. Small vintage pieces can also enhance your interior. A small clock, music box, or vintage chair can add personality to even a large home office. Choose wisely… and stylishly.

Color matters.

Source: Eclectic Home Office by High Point Furniture & Accessories Phillips Collection

The image above shows creative use of splashes of color. Colors are great mood enhancers. Bright or neutral colors usually do the job, depending on your preferences. Be conscious of the colors that lift your mood, and paint your home office with one or more of those hues. Aside from the paint job, take note of the colors of the furniture, décor, and other small accents.

Let the sunshine in.

Source: Modern Home Office by Incorporated Architects & Building Designers

As tempting as it is to block the outside world sometimes, you may want to throw those windows open and let natural light shine on your stylish office. Like color, sunlight is a natural mood enhancer, and can inspire creative thinking. If your home office doesn’t have a window or suitable view, you can set up lighting to mimic daylight or buy fixtures designed for that specific purpose.

Maximize space.

Source: Eclectic Home Office by Farmington Interior Designers & Decorators Cynthia Mason Interiors

For those with limited space, or with a home office that doubles as a storage or bedroom, using space wisely is a must. Saving space, however, doesn’t mean throwing style out the window. In the image above, the leather-insert desktop adds a touch of elegance to the classic secretary’s desk. The desktop can also fold up, hiding office tools when they’re not needed.

Forget about work at the end of the day.

Source: Eclectic Home Office by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography

Nothing is more relaxing than a cup of tea to wrap up a long workday. Design your home office to accommodate the more pleasurable aspects of life. The workspace shown above is the perfect example. At day’s end, all you have to do to make room for quality time with loved ones is turn around and shut the door. (The disco ball in the corner also screams party, if you find yourself so inclined!)

With a few splashes of color, some inspiration, and a little bit of creativity, you won’t feel so cooped-up while working from home. In fact, if you use the ideas above for your own home office, you might decide to just stay at home for summer next year.

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