This year, for 4th of July, I’m pretending that I’m decorating a coastal house in New England. Red, white, blue, and pink. Yup, pink. Trust me, it works. Patriotic pink makes a fun coastal accent color to traditional 4th of July colors. Plus, in a perfect world, most of us would spend the 4th of July on a boat or near the ocean.

Nautical themed 4th of July Tree by Jennifer Perkins
The Treetopia White Pencil Tree is perfect for seasonal trees like the 4th of July. Perhaps you don’t want to commit to a full tree for the 4th of July, like you would for Christmas. Smaller trees pencil trees are the perfect solution. They fit right into a corner (check mine out at Christmas) or can take the spotlight as the center of attention in a room. I’ve also decorated the Treetopia Winter White Potted Tree and Winter White Garland for the 4th of July.

When you are going with a 4th of July in Nantucket theme, you might have to make some of your own ornaments. I made balls from scrapbook paper. A garland was constructed with stickers, straws, corks, doilies, paper, and pompoms. Wooden nautical shapes from the craft store were painted in matching colors. Creating your own details for a tree is how you can set your 4th of July tree (or any tree) apart.

All aglow and ready for the 4th of July, my nautical Christmas tree is pretty in pink but still plenty patriotic. How do you decorate for the 4th of July?

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