Decorating a green Christmas tree with a vintage Santa collection.

Believe it or not, I have a traditional tree in my house—a whole room even with red, white and green. After last week’s tour of my Colorful Christmas Home, you were starting to worry weren’t you? My Oh Christmas Tree from Treetopia is the showstopper. Sure, it is 75 degrees outside but it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my game room. The nice thing about a green tree (or any tree) is that it is a blank slate. Besides ornaments, I like for my trees to have a theme. Last year I decorated the tree with my vintage Fisher Price toy collection. This year it is all Santa, all the time.

I love all my Christmas trees a whole lot. However, if the house was burning down and my family and pets were safe and sound, I might try to drag my Some Like It Hot Tree out with me. This tree goes so perfectly in my formal living room. Look closely and you can see the Peppermint Twist Candy Cane ornaments.

A close second to my pink tree is my Toasted Champagne Gold Tree. This is a chic sparkler of a tree. Not quite tinsel and far from dull, this baby looks good no matter what ornaments I put on it. I went with a colorful mix of vintage Jewelbrite ornaments and new ones like Treetopia’s Chromatic Icefalls.

This little yellow humdinger is one of my favorite additions to my Christmas tree collection. So wee, cute and spunky.

Silver tinsel tree for Christmas.
Nestled in my kitchen is another new addition to my Christmas tree brood—meet Tinkerbell. Just in case you thought I was one of those mothers that didn’t let my kids decorate a tree, I’m here to prove you wrong. This tree is full of ornaments I made, the kids made, and others we have collected as a family over the years. The pink one may be my favorite tree, but this one has my favorite ornaments.DSC_0160_2

Thanks for stopping by and taking a little tour of my crazy Christmas house. You can see more on the DIY Network. Last year, my house was profiled on Apartment Therapy. There is always the Christmas section on my blog, too. Now which tree will I decorate for New Year’s Eve?