This holiday season, there’s more to love at Treetopia! We love how our fashionable trees allow anyone to express their personal style and individuality, so we’re thrilled to present these exciting additions to our growing collection of high-quality artificial Christmas trees. In this article, we share fun and fresh tree designs that fit in perfectly with the vibrant look of today’s contemporary homes.

A Slim and Stylish Showpiece

Faced with the problem of limited floor space, some homeowners settle for miniature Christmas trees, or even forego them altogether. Don’t let a small studio or crowded apartment cramp your holiday style. Treetopia’s pencil Christmas trees are designed with a slimmer silhouette, so they slip comfortably into spaces where conventional full-sized trees can’t.

Treetopia red and white striped tree
Treetopia’s Peppermint Stick Pencil Tree

Measuring 7 feet in height and 22-inches in diameter, our Peppermint Stick Pencil Tree hits the sweet spot between beautiful and practical. Crafted with swirling stripes of red and white foliage, this candy-inspired tree looks absolutely charming with, or without ornaments.

Treetopia green pencil tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s Mia Pencil Tree

When your holiday decorating calls for a traditional green tree, the Mia Pencil Tree is a fabulous choice. Crafted with soft, lifelike PE needles and hand strung with premium clear lights, this slender tree brings realism and elegance to any holiday display.Offered in heights ranging from 6.5 to 9 feet, the Mia Pencil Tree packs all the beauty of a full-figured tree in a svelte, space-saving form.

A Stunning Ombre Display

Ombre is a fashion trend that has made its way into everything from fabrics and hair styles, to home décor. The term ombre refers to the gradual change from one shade of color to the next. You may have seen this technique on modern wedding cakes, with colored frosting or layers subtly progressing from light to dark.

Treetopia two-toned metallic Christmas trees
Treetopia’s Black Gold Ombre Tree and Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

This attractive look is especially eye-catching when applied on a large scale like, say, a Christmas tree! We have not one, but two trees that showcase this gorgeous visual effect. Both our Black Gold Ombre Tree and Silver Shadow Ombre Tree feature lush foliage that transitions from solid black at the top to sparkling metallic at the bottom. Designed with gently-tapered profiles, these trees bring glamor and sophistication anywhere they’re displayed.

 A Sparkling Touch of Tinsel

 Inspired by the aluminum trees of the 1950’s and 60’s, today’s tinsel Christmas trees bring a beautiful touch of fun and magic to the holidays. If you love the sparkle of tinsel but also yearn for rich color, we have two new trees that offer the best of both worlds.

Treetopia pink and silver tree with clear lights
Treetopia’s Pink Christmas Tree

The Treetopia Pink Christmas Tree showcases bright pink foliage interspersed with silver tinsel needles that add extra shimmer to its lush, full-figured appearance.

Treetopia slim tree with red and white foliage
Treetopia’s Starlight Mint Red & White Tree

Look closely at our Starlight Mint Red & White Tree and you’ll see that each branch tip is filled with alternating matte white and red tinsel needles. This innovative design gives our tree a playful energy that is utterly infectious.

Visit Treetopia to know more about these colorful Christmas trees, and find one that’s perfect for you!

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