Have you considered displaying your Christmas tree all year long? With a few adjustments, it doesn’t have to be in storage for 11 months. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween, there are many opportunities to wow with your décor. Read on and try these year-round Christmas tree decorating ideas!

Treetopia Christmas Trees Are All About Hue

If you haven’t gotten around to buying one, choose from our tree-mendous variety of holiday centerpieces. We have one or more for every color of the rainbow, with heights ranging from 4 to 15 feet. There are also different shapes to choose from: full, slim, pencil, flatback, and even upside down.

Feeling extra? Why not consider our patterned Christmas trees? The fun color combinations mean you don’t have to choose just one hue. Pick from spiral or ombré designs in pastel and vibrant shades.

These are versatile and complement most decorating styles. Don’t believe us? Keep on reading for Christmas tree decorating inspiration.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree for Different Occasions

Celebrating something special? Whether it’s a small house party or a big gathering, use your Christmas tree for a more cheerful vibe:

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day tree decorating idea

The love month is as good a time as any to think and decorate outside the box. Why not use an orange Christmas tree for something unique? For the happily single, how about a white Christmas tree?

Take inspiration from Jennifer Perkins who decked out her orange tree in heart-shaped ornaments. Pink icicle decorations and Christmas balls added shine. Meanwhile, vintage candy boxes served as accents for the base of the tree. 


Pastel pink decorating idea for Easter

The vibrant colors and adorable Easter symbols make decorating for this holiday fun. Try a spring garden theme or a giant bunny—it’s your call.

Be inspired by Natalie Mayhew of Fern & Maple Style. She decorated her pink tree with colorful ornaments like artificial flowers, plastic egg toadstools, and gnome decorations.

Easter-themed Christmas tree decorating idea

Another decorating idea is to turn your white Christmas tree into an Easter bunny. Get inspired by this fun-sized holiday centerpiece by Jen Perkins. It’s simple yet guaranteed to impress.

Grab giant googly eyes, large bunny ears, and a few items from the craft store. Let the kids in on the decorating fun for some family bonding.

Cinco de Mayo

White Christmas tree with colorful ornaments for Cinco de Mayo

This colorful Mexican holiday makes for good decorating inspiration. Use a white Christmas tree so your ornaments stand out. Another option is to choose a rainbow Christmas tree.

Get inspired by Jen who made DIY papel picado banners and used them as garland. For ornaments, she added fake cactus, mini piñatas, and sunflower blooms.

Mother’s Day

Pink Christmas tree decorated for mother's day

A tree styled with custom ornaments is a wonderful way to honor the special ladies in your lives. Like Jen, hang photos of “all the moms in her life” on the tree’s branches. The black and white ornaments and marquee letters gave it a vintage look.

Another idea is to decorate it with your mom’s interests. Whether it’s her favorite hobby, flowers, or TV show, it’ll bring a smile on her face. Add presents under the Christmas tree, too.


Pride Month decorating idea

Come June, dedicate a tree to support LGBTQ+ Pride Month. This colorful celebration calls for creativity and self-expression, so show off your crafting skills.

Jen formed rainbows from polymer clay and baked them. Then, she attached white pompoms on each end to mimic clouds. She added multi-colored Christmas balls and arranged them by color.

Christmas in July

Silver Christmas tree with ice cream ornaments for summer

July is another opportunity to celebrate Christmas. Yes, it’s summer here but it’s winter elsewhere. Australia is one of the countries in the Southern Hemisphere that celebrate Christmas in July. If you want in on the fun, why not throw a Christmas in July party?

Deck out your artificial tree with Christmas ornaments and summery accents to match the season. Here’s Michael Wurm’s silver tree filled with classics like Christmas balls and gingerbread ornaments. The twist? He added faux ice cream decorations.

4th of July Christmas tree decorating idea

Jen’s alternative decorating idea? A nautical-themed Christmas tree with boat, anchor, and helm ornaments. Also, she strung together straws, corks, and pompoms to make a garland. Then, she added pink and yellow decorations for a colorful twist.


Black Christmas tree decorated with Evil Queen ornaments

The trick-or-treat season is one of Treetopia’s favorite holidays. There’s plenty of yummy goodies and not to mention, Christmas tree decorating inspiration! Think Halloween monsters and eccentric ornaments. Go with a theme that speaks to you most.

For instance, Raquel Basil of @flysuburbanmom decorated a black Christmas tree. She was inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White and used poisoned apple and Magic Mirror ornaments. For pops of color, she used green and purple Christmas balls. Of course, she topped it off with a fabulous tree topper.


Orange tree decorated with fall hues

This time is ripe for a bounty of Christmas tree decorating ideas. Take inspiration from vivid hues or seasonal produce. Choose ornaments that complement the color of your tree’s foliage.

Designer Michel Boyd used burnt orange and burgundy ornaments inspired from his art collection. A faux flower arrangement served as a tree topper. Christmas balls with glittered and glossy textures added a luxurious feel.

Blue pumpkins on a green Christmas tree decorated for fall

If you’re not into traditional autumn hues, we’ve got a cool idea for you. Emily Steffen of oh yay studio used pumpkin ornaments on her green Christmas tree. First, she painted them in different shades of blue. Then, she splattered them with gold paint. She accented the tree base with cloth pumpkin decorations.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for Everything in Between

The fun doesn’t stop with these celebrations. Ever consider putting up a Christmas tree for your birthday party? How about during NFL season? Don’t leave your tree bare while waiting for the next holiday. Decorate it for all seasons and occasions. Swipe through the gallery below for more ideas:

  • Silver Christmas tree with floral ornaments
    Silver tree by Twinkie Chan

With all these themes in mind, the question now is: “What color should your Christmas tree be?” Let Treetopia help you figure it out. Take our Colorful Tree Finder quiz and find out which holiday centerpiece suits HUE.

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The next decorating opportunity is right around the corner. So, there’s no need to pack away your centerpiece! In fact, why not get a second tree so there’s more room for creativity? Check out our artificial Christmas trees on sale to get the best deals.

Which Christmas tree decorating ideas are you excited to try? Tell us in the comments section below!

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