The holidays come but once a year but with a few adjustments, your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be in storage for 11 months. From Valentine’s Day to Halloween, there are many opportunities to wow your guests with your decorating prowess. Here are nine year-round Christmas tree decorating ideas from Treetopia.

Christmas Tree Decorating ideas from Treetopia

Valentine’s Day

colorful Christmas trees for

A Treetopia favorite, Valentine’s Day is as good a holiday as any to think and decorate outside the box. Look no further than our Brand Ambassador, Jennifer Perkins, for some inspiration. This year, she decorated her Some Like it Hot tree with silver metallic garlands and photos of her family in paper picado frames. For her Pretty in Pink Tree, she used red and pink Christmas balls and DIY clay ornaments. Black tree for the brokenhearted, anyone?

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easter christmas tree decorating ideas

The vibrant colors, unique ornaments, and absence of rules make decorating a tree for Easter a dream for most. We recommend transforming your white Tree into an Easter bunny at least once! Giant googly eyes, large bunny ears, and a few items from the craft store—simple yet guaranteed to impress! Calling it a “giant kitschy ode to Easter,” Jen’s Some Like it Hot Tree for Easter is filled with retro Easter collectibles. Craft store flowers, colorful eggs, and bunny ornaments are just the beginning when decorating for this much-adored spring holiday.

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Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo christmas tree decorating ideas

Cinco de Mayo in the U.S. is filled with vivid colors and patterns, making it perfect for decorating your artificial Christmas tree. Jen Perkins made a papel picado banner for her white Cinco de Mayo tree. You might not have an easy time finding tree ornaments specific to Cinco de Mayo, so it’s best to utilize your creativity and DIY skills. Use small decorative items that match the theme, like a fake cactus, mini piñatas, or paper lanterns. Then, fill your tree with faux flowers, patterned Christmas balls, and other items that match the colorful heritage of this Mexican holiday.

Mother’s Day

Pink mother's day tree with photo ornaments

A fabulous tree styled with custom ornaments is a great way to honor the special ladies in our lives. Jen honored “all the moms in her life” with lit marquee letters, black and white decorations, and vintage-style photo ornaments that stand out against the foliage of her pink tree. Create a theme around your mom’s interests; her favorite sports team, TV shows, or hobbies should help you create your own Mother’s Day masterpiece.

Christmas in July

The wonderful thing about July is it’s another opportunity to celebrate Christmas. This usually takes place in countries like Australia in the Northern Hemisphere, where the weather is warm. The rest of the world has joined in on the fun, too. And, while Santa Claus is sure to make an appearance, ice cream and other cold treats are part of the celebrations.

Christmas in July christmas tree decorating ides

Why not throw a Christmas in July Party? Deck out your artificial tree with the usual Christmas ornaments, plus some summery accents to match the season.

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Who says you need to limit your celebrations to Christmas in July when there are so many reasons to party during summer? Let the bohemian decorating them on this Christmas tree inspire you.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July Christmas tree

Celebrate Independence Day by dressing your tree in patriotic colors. On your white artificial Christmas tree, wrap red, white, and blue streamers, hang little American flags, and add the sparkle of fireworks through gold and silver tinsel. Jen decorated hers with presidential spoon puppets and other red, white, and blue embellishments.

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Halloween Christmas tree decorating ideas

It’s safe to say Halloween is one of Treetopia’s favorite holiday. Like the costumes, Christmas tree decorating ideas for October 31st are endless. From your favorite Halloween characters to your most eccentric ornament collection, forget the rules and go with a theme that speaks to you most!

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fall christmas tree decorating ideas

Autumn-themed décor with vibrant hues and varied textures make fall a wonderful time to decorate your tree. Pine cones, acorns, leaves, birds, and pumpkin ornaments are available in stores during this time of year, so finding the right items will be a cinch. There’s a wide range of fall palettes, so pick one that works well against your tree’s foliage.

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Everything in Between

year round Christmas tree decorating ideas

How about decorating your tree to express your love for sports or music, and even your amazing thrift store finds? Don’t leave your tree bare while waiting for the next holiday. Like Jen, we believe that weight is your only tree decorating limit.

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The next decorating opportunity is right around the corner, so storing your tree should be the last thing on your mind. Did we miss any Christmas tree decorating ideas for your favorite holiday? Tell us in the comments section below!

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