transform Christmas to new years eve decor

You only have a few days after Christmas to set up your New Year’s Eve decorations. Why not make your tree the star of your year-end celebration? Here’s the lowdown on how to transform your Christmas tree into a year-end centerpiece.

Tip #1 Versatility is Key

Pick Christmas decorations that are glam enough for New Year’s Eve. Choose ones with basic designs like our Metallic Medley Ornament Set. They match most decorating themes.

blue silver and white new years eve decor

Tracy of Sunny Chic Home decorated our Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree with metallic, iridescent, and blue ornaments to remind her of the sea. Her decorating theme is gorgeous, no matter the holiday.

Shop early with both holidays in mind. This will save you lots of time and make setting up your Christmas and New Year tree a breeze.

Tip #2 Stow Away Christmas-themed Decor

Once Christmas is over, it’s time your Santas, reindeer, and snowmen take a vacation. You can still use your snow-themed and woodsy ornaments for the New Year. After all, winter doesn’t end until March.

Make sure to store your precious decorations properly, so you can use them again next year.

woodland tree as new years eve decor

Faith of Design Fixation added even more shine to our All That Glitters tree with gold ribbon and pearl sprigs. For contrast, she added white snowflakes, eucalyptus sprigs, and pinecones.

Tip #3 Go Beyond Green & Red

You can’t see this color duo without thinking of Christmas, so combine them with other colors for the New Year. You have an entire spectrum to choose from, and one option is to go for broke and use a multitude of colors.

boho tree new years eve decor

Jade of Jaderbomb shows us just how far you can go with her bohemian-inspired tree decor. She dressed up a slim black tree with chain garlands made of felt, glittery beads, and colorful ornaments balanced out by a few white ones.

tuxedo black tree for new years eve decor

If you want a minimalist approach, take a page out off Jessa of Sparkle Living’s décor. She hung white faux blooms, glittery snowflakes, and metallic ornaments in basic shapes on our Tuxedo Black tree for a modern glam look.

For more inspiration, check out our guide to glamorous tree decorating themes.

Tip #4 Think Outside the Tree

toasted champagne gold tinsel tree new years eve decor

Once your tree is set up, either call it a day or take your New Year’s Eve decorations further. For example, you might want to play up your tree with some funky lighting. Treetopia brand ambassador Jennifer Perkins used a color wheel on our Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel tree. That must have been some light show!

You can use party items as ornaments. Think streamers, glow sticks, party hats, noisemakers, and anything else you would see at a New Year’s Eve party.

Wreath and tabletop tree new years eve decor

Don’t just stop at your tree. Get that party started by decorating other areas of your home. You can use sparkly wreaths, garlands, and tabletop trees as accents.

Spread the cheer and share these tips with friends and family who want to decorate for the holidays with a bang!

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