Watching a movie at home with family and friends is a great to unwind after a busy week of work. With summer breezing in, why not make movie night more special by having it al fresco?  Watching a movie outdoors is a memorable way to catch up on Hollywood’s string of summer blockbusters.
Here are some ideas to make your outdoor movie party an epic blockbuster:

Set the Stage

outdoor movie set-up

Whether you’re setting up an outdoor movie theater in the backyard, driveway, or the rooftop of a building, finding a spot that provides optimum viewing distance and lighting is important. Make sure your audience sits at comfortable distance from the screen, and avoid areas where street lamps or lighted signs can cast a glare on the screen.

Offer your guests a variety of comfortable seating options, such as folding chairs, ottomans, or lawn recliners. You can also lay down some mats, sleeping bags, or blankets for anyone who prefers to watch lying down. If the evening gets chilly, throw out some pillows, cushions, and quilts to keep everyone extra cozy.

outdoor lights

Re-use your Christmas lights to heighten the mood of your party. Strands of clear Christmas lights draped around tree branches or the refreshment table provide adequate lighting for people to move around easily.

Annoying insects can ruin a great viewing experience, so consider spraying odor-free bug spray around the area beforehand, or providing guests plenty of insect repellent. If you prefer all-natural insect repellents, put some citronella and catnip in the area to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Lights, Camera…

backyard set-up with projector

If you don’t own a large enough screen for your projector, try borrowing from a friend or jury-rigging one from easy-to-find materials. You can fashion a simple screen by suspending a large white bed sheet or white shower curtain on a clothesline. Be sure to weigh the sheet down and hang it in front of a wall.

Remember to test your movie player, projector, and sound system before your guests arrive. Make sure the image is focused properly and fits the width of your screen. Adjust the volume of your speakers to a comfortable level that won’t disturb the neighbors or lead to an unexpected visit from the cops.

Choose a film that everyone will appreciate. Better yet, go with a theme. For example, Christmas movies for the holiday season and scary films for Halloween.

A Tasty Intermission

pop corn

Movies and munchies are match made in heaven. Hot popcorn is a must-have that always tastes better when you serve it in individual paper snack bags or cups.

Prepare a variety of chips, vegetable sticks, dips, and candy, and make sure to chill your soda, juice, beer, and water in a drink tub or coller before the party. Get your guests nibbling happily through every sequel or reboot in your collection.

Make your weekend film festival with family and friends more fun by trying out some of these simple outdoor party ideas.

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