If you’re planning to host a Christmas party at home, make sure it’s stylish, stress-free, and bursting with Christmas spirit. Throw the hottest holiday bash without breaking a sweat with these quick and simple Christmas party ideas.

Cocktail drinks with Christmas tree in the background

1. Make a list, check it twice

To keep your party manageable, limit your guest list based on the size of your dinner table. Any more than 6 will usually require catering, so be sure to invite only those you really want to spend the evening with. Be sure to send out invitations three or four weeks in advance as people’s calendars can fill up pretty quickly.

Prepare your menu and a corresponding shopping list, and then plot down a schedule for cleaning the house, doing the groceries, setting the table, and cooking the dishes.

2. Set the look

Christmas is often characterized by feelings of abundance, but you should avoid over-decorating. Instead, limit the celebration space to three focal points, such as the Christmas tree, the food table, and the fireplace. A lit fireplace makes your home warm and cozy, but if an open fire is not an option, you can cluster together tea lights and candles to create a relaxing mood.

table setting for a Christmas party

For your table setting, choose a color scheme from your holiday decorating palette and apply this to your centerpiece, table runner, and napkins. Try to use space saving tabletops such as a small floral centerpiece to avoid overcrowding the table.

Don’t forget the music playlist to enhance the fun party atmosphere.

3. Serve great drinks

A great way to start the evening is to serve mulled wine to your guests as they come in from the cold. It would be embarrassing to run out of drinks, so get a good estimate of the bottles of wine you’ll need. Remember that each bottle of wine can fill about six small glasses, and a person drinks about four glasses on average.

For a glamorous touch, serve classic cocktails such as Manhattans, dry martinis, and mimosas, which is simply one part Champagne and one part chilled orange juice. If Champagne is not within your budget, an Italian sparkling white wine, such as Prosecco, is a great alternative. Be sure to have non-alcoholic drinks or “mocktails” as options.

4. Enjoy elegant eats

Dessert for a Christmas party

For your menu, select delicious yet simple-to-cook recipes with seasonal ingredients. Start out with a salad, and then serve a main dish with rice, pasta, or potatoes. Accompany the main with two different colored vegetable sides, and finish off with a good dessert.

If you want to include appetizers, finger foods such as Smoked Trout Crackers with Lemon-Dill Mayonnaise or classic Devils on Horseback, are tasty options that are simple to make.

Keep these Christmas party tips in mind and host a fun and fabulous holiday party that your guests will surely enjoy.

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