Putting up a Christmas tree is one of the world’s most timeless traditions. It’s come a long way from when people used to decorate real evergreens with lighted candles. Nowadays, cool tech takes the classic holiday centerpiece to the next level. One example is artificial Christmas trees with LED lights. We list down everything you need to know about these merry and bright showpieces. Plus, how to set one up one in this guide by Treetopia.

Picture showing different light settings of Treetopia's Color Blast Tree

What are color-changing LED lights?

Picture of LED bulb

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is a tiny device that produces all colors of the spectrum, plus cool and warm white. How does LED work, you ask? The answer lies within the diodes.

There’s a long scientific explanation for this, but we’re keeping it short and simple. According to LED Lighting Info, one bulb contains three diodes. Each one emits a specific color: red, green, or blue. To produce different shades, two colors switch on at the same time with varying intensity. For example, red and blue together make magenta while red and green make yellow. To produce white light, all three colors switch on at the same time. Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Portland Pine with LED Color Changing lights
Portland Pine Color-Changing LED Christmas Tree

LED lights have several uses—from smart phone notifications to concert set-ups. Artificial Christmas trees use this technology, too.

Treetopia offers a selection of trees with color-changing LED Christmas lights. Examples of these are multi-LED trees that come with a remote control, letting you to switch from clear to colored in one click.

Balsam Spruce Tree with colorful LED lights
Balsam Spruce Tree
Luxe Balsam Spruce Green Christmas Tree with Multi-LED lights
Luxe Balsam Spruce Tree
Slim Addison Spruce Christmas Tree from Treetopia
Addison Spruce Christmas Tree
Portland Pine Christmas Tree from Treetopia with colorful LED lights
Portland Pine Christmas Tree

Another example is the Color Blast tree. This type offers more light features than multi-LED trees. Aside from clear and colored lights, it also has preset motion effects you can customize. Also, you can speed up the flicker and adjust the brightness just the way you like it.

Flocked tree with color blast LED lights
Color Carnival Flocked Tree
White Christmas tree with Color Blast LED lights
Color Blast Winter White Tree
Balsam Spruce Tree with colorful LED lights
Color Blast Balsam Spruce Tree
Black tree with color blast LED lights
Color Blast Black Tree

For a more in-depth look at Color Blast trees, check out the video below.

Video: Guide to Color-Changing Christmas Tree Lights with Remote

Treetopia’s artificial Christmas trees are a breeze to assemble and decorate. With Quick Set and Color Blast technology, set-up takes less time and effort.

Curious to see it in action? Watch as lifestyle vlogger Leslie Joanna unboxes and sets up her Color Blast Balsam Spruce tree. She also demos the Color Blast remote control to show you what each button does.

Leslie: Hello, everyone. My name is Leslie. Today, I will be unboxing, Treetopia's Color Blast Balsam Spruce artificial Christmas tree. I will show you how to set up the tree and customize the lights. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I am excited for this unboxing. I hope you guys enjoy this video and now let's get to the fun part: the unboxing.

Here, we have my Color Blast Christmas tree. This tree comes in four sizes, 6, 7, 8, and 9 feet tall. I got a 7-foot tall [tree]. Stay tuned to see what it looks like once it's set up. Right on this side, you will be opening the box. Make sure you save your box because you want to store [your tree] here after you use it. Are you guys ready? Here we have it.


We also have the base and extra light bulbs.


I'm going to start with the first part. It's wrapped really nicely. Each part of the tree has a number. Over here, we have number one, number two, and number three. First, we will put number one at the bottom, [number two in the middle], and at the top will be number three.


It’s very easy to assemble this tree. When you do put on the tree on the base, make sure you tighten the screws, so that way, your tree is very secure. It looks like we are good to go.


One of the most important things to do when you are purchasing an artificial tree is fluffing your tree out because that is going to make a difference on how your tree will look before you decorate it. This step is very time-consuming, but make sure you do not skip it.

Here’s how it looks after I fluffed it out compared to when it first came out of the box. Now we're going to move to [section] number two, and we're going to place it right here in the middle. Make sure to keep all these black caps so that when you're done with your tree, you can place them back where they were and put everything back in your box. In that way, this can help you preserve your tree for many years to come.


This is how the bottom looks. As soon as you take this off, all you have to do is place this part on the tree, and that automatically makes it all be connected and the LED lights [turn] on as soon as you plug the tree in.

Now we're on our last step. This is number three. We're going to place it back there. I will also show you how the Color Blast Christmas tree works. The lights are really pretty from what I have seen on the pictures. I have not seen it in person. As you see, we're both unboxing it together. I love unboxing my items in front of the camera because it’s just a genuine reaction on how I like everything and how things work and how they come. That's the same experience that you will have if you purchase a Christmas tree from Treetopia.


I only got to fluff the bottom part. I still have to do the middle and the top, so I will be right back as soon as I finish that.

Now the Christmas tree is set up. I actually fluffed it and it's ready to go. Now we're going to get into the fun part. Make sure your cables are properly connected. Sometimes they get tangled and disconnected. That caused bulbs to not light up.

Let me show you how you can customize your Christmas lights on your Color Blast Christmas tree. We're going to go over our controller that we have here. When you first order your Christmas tree, you will receive a controller. Inside, it will have a plastic on top, so make sure you remove that and also [the plastic tab] at the bottom. As soon as you remove the one at the bottom, this will start working right away.

The first button that you need to know is the on button. [chuckles] Here we have it in the middle. We have here the color wheel, where you can touch it and it will automatically change the color of your tree, making it so unique and also so different. On this side, where you see the sun, this is where you adjust the brightness of your Christmas tree. You can make it brighter or dimmer.

If you want your Christmas tree to be traditional, all you have to do is press this button right here, and it will be a really nice warm, traditional light. The colorful sun gives you a multicolor steady glow. The buttons in the middle allow you to change your presets. Now we're going through the preset light settings. There are 10 options you can choose from.


Here you can adjust the brightness of your Christmas tree. You can increase it or decrease it. This button right here, it’s the flicker speed. You can decrease the speed, [so] the lights will flicker a little slower. And when you increase it, they go faster.


This time around, it was super easy. I love that there were no cables involved [and] that all you had to do was just pretty much plug in the first part, then the second part, and then the third, and that was it. For me, that was a major plus. Also, I really, really enjoyed the whole concept of an LED tree. This is like having different trees every single day, pretty much. If I want to display this in the girls' room and make it purple, it will definitely fit in there.

Thank you so much to Treetopia for inviting me to be a part of this project. I am very excited to be decorating this Christmas tree. This tree is going to be the talk of the town. I know for a fact when my family come over and visit, they’re going to love it. It’s so pretty and I love that I can just change the settings, make it look like a completely different tree, which is so cool.

For me, I highly recommend it, and overall, I give it a 10 out of 10. It’s always so much fun working with Treetopia. Their trees are so cool. Treetopia trees are very, very unique. There is always something new, something to discover. It makes me personally think outside the box. I love taking on the challenge of a Treetopia tree because I know it will be different, but different is good. I love standing out from the rest and I think Treetopia does an amazing job at that.

If you want to get the Balsam Spruce Color Blast tree shown on this video, you can find the link in the description box. Be sure to check out Treetopia's website to explore a wide selection of unique and colorful artificial Christmas trees.



Read on for a step-by-step guide on setting up an artificial tree with Quick Set Technology. Keep on going for our guide on how to customize Color Blast tree lights.

Swift and Steady: How to Assemble Quick Set Christmas Trees

A pre-lit Christmas tree with Quick Set technology lights up with a single plug. Light strings are pre-connected in the trunk, so all you need to do is stack the tree sections for the lights to work. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Grab the tree stand and pull to the legs to form an “X” shape. Set it on the floor and insert the eyebolts about halfway.

Inserting section one of tree into the stand

Step 2. Insert the tree section labeled “1” into the stand.

Tightening the screws of a tree stand

Step 3. Tighten the eyebolts completely. Make sure the tree is standing straight up and doesn’t wobble.

Fluffing the branches of an artificial Christmas tree

Step 4. Take care when letting the branches fall into place. Wear cotton gloves to protect your hand from scratches. Then, start fluffing.

Removing protective caps of Christmas tree

Step 5: Remove the protective caps of the other sections and repeat the stack-and-shape process.

Picture of Color Blast remote

Step 6: Finally, plug your holiday centerpiece into a socket and watch all sections light up. If your Quick Set tree comes with a remote, turn the power button on to see the lights.

How to Customize Color Blast LED Lights

Treetopia’s Color Blast artificial trees come with 10 delightful preset effects. You also have the option to customize your own light show. Keep reading to learn how.

How to Select a Preset Effect

Removing insulation tab of Color Blast remote control

Step 1: Before using the remote control, take off the insulation tab. It’s a protective plastic layer on the surface of the remote. Click the power button to turn on the lights.

Preset effect of a Color Blast tree

Step 2: To browse the preset effects, click the black arrow buttons found at the bottom center of the remote.

GIF showing increasing flicker speed of Color Blast tree

Step 3: Adjust the flicker speed by clicking the buttons on the bottom right part of the remote control. The multiple arrowheads speed up the flicker of the lights while the single arrowhead slows it down.

How to Adjust Light Settings

Power on button

Step 1: Click the power button on the remote control to turn on the lights.

Warm white setting of artificial Christmas tree

Step 2: Choose Warm White Steady Glow if you want the traditional candle-like effect of Christmas lights. This setting doesn’t flicker and stays on.

Picture of green Christmas tree with multicolored lights and remote control

Step 3: Select Multicolor Steady Glow if you want colorful Christmas lights that don’t flicker.

Moving picture showing color wheel of Color Blast Tree

Step 4: If you want a specific color, slide through the color wheel. Have fun choosing your holiday hue!

Tip: With so many shades, the versatile Color Blast Christmas Tree is ideal for different occasions. Change it to red for Valentine’s Day, pink for Easter, or use your Zodiac color for a birthday tree.

Adjusting brightness of Color Blast Tree

Step 5: Adjust the brightness of the lights by clicking the buttons with the sun icons. You’ll find these at the bottom left side of the remote control. The top icon increases brightness while the one below dims it.

Here’s a closer look of the controls to guide you.

The best thing about Color Blast Trees is that you can change the light hue anytime. You won’t need different sets of Christmas lights, too. With a click of the remote, have blue lights for Monday and red the next. Or better yet, choose a preset effect for a more cheerful touch.

Treetopia content creator Leslie Joanna with Color Blast Balsam Spruce Tree

FAQs and Tips on Artificial Christmas Trees with LED Lights

Take care when assembling and storing your pre-lit LED Christmas tree to make it last longer. When cleaning your holiday centerpiece, do so without water or a liquid cleaning agent. Keep reading for more tips on maximizing your pre-lit showpiece.

Do LED Christmas lights use a lot of electricity?

In general, LED lights are more energy-efficient than incandescent ones. In fact, the Department of Energy reports that residential LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent. This is also true for LED Christmas lights.

Close-up of Color Blast White Tree
Color Blast Winter White Tree

Moreover, LED Christmas lights are the safer and more cost-efficient option. They don’t heat up as much as incandescent lights and last about 30 times longer. An average incandescent bulb may run for 1,500 hours, but a LED counterpart will record about 45,000 hours.

Because they consume a lot less electricity and they don’t contain toxic materials, they’re also the more earth-friendly option.

How to fix color-changing LED lights on a Christmas tree?

Replacement bulbs of a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree

Treetopia’s pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come with replacement bulbs (except for models that use globe lights). Use these to change ones that burn out and always read the manual for instructions.

To change the bulbs on your Color Blast Balsam Spruce, first unplug your tree from the socket. If you’re using an extension cord, remember to unplug it from there, too.

Second, lift the lamp lock tab and pull out the bulb and its plastic base completely. Finally, replace it with the spare bulb. Check if it works.

If changing the bulb didn’t help, then refer to this comprehensive guide:

Before troubleshooting and making the actual fixes, it’s best to contact Treetopia’s Customer Support team. Reach us at helpme@treetopia.com or call 877-SO-TREETOPIA (877-768-7338). We’d like to assist you better and answer any light warranty questions.

Disclaimer: If the item is altered or damaged while doing something outside of its intended design or use, the warranty is considered void.

Did this post help you set up your new Color Blast LED Christmas Tree? Or did it interest you in getting an artificial Christmas tree with LED lights? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if this post was useful, share it with friends and family who want to know more about multicolored LED pre-lit Christmas trees.

Wishing you a merry and bright holiday season!


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