Color is a pretty powerful thing. It can affect how we behave, change the way we think, and define who we are. It can even shape the person we want to be. This is why Treetopia artificial Christmas trees come in so many colors and shades. More than just an obligatory Yuletide accent, our trees provide people a beautiful way to express themselves during the holidays.

If you believe that your home is an extension of your lifestyle and individuality, then wouldn’t it be great to find that one tree that best reflects your personality? From traditional green to vibrant orange to dazzling gold, read on and find out which colorful Christmas tree is perfect for you.


Long associated with passion and desire, red is perfect for people who are strong-willed, ambitious, flashy, and energetic. Choose our exciting Lipstick Red Christmas Tree and have a fun and flirty holiday.

Treetopia red tree with clear lights
Treetopia Lipstick Red Christmas Tree


If you enjoy interacting with people, being part of group, and love taking on social and physical challenges, then the color orange is definitely you. Wow your party guests with a brightly-lit Treetopia Basics – Orange Tree.

Treetopia orange tree with clear lights
Treetopia Basics – Orange Tree


People who are affectionate, empathic, and have a great capacity to love and be loved find comfort in the color green. Choose from any of our traditional Christmas trees is perfect for filling your home with warm, fuzzy feelings this season.

Treetopia green tree with clear lights
Treetopia Foxtail Pine


The color blue often appeals to people who value order and harmony. They strive for inner peace while being considerate to the needs of others. Lend beauty and calm to your Christmas celebrations with our charming Baby Blue Christmas Tree.

Treetopia blue tree with clear lights
Treetopia Baby Blue Christmas Tree


If you are an artistic, compassionate, and independent person with a deep spiritual side, then purple is the color that best represents you. Charming and trustworthy, you can play up your most enchanting traits with a purple Christmas tree.

Treetopia purple tree with clear lights
Treetopia Purple Groove Tinsel Christmas Tree


People with a pink personality have a desire to be accepted and loved unconditionally, but they also give back in kind. They are thoughtful, nurturing, and very much in touch with their feminine side. A pink Christmas tree is a sweet way to express your romantic self.

Treetopia pink tree with clear lights
Treetopia Pink Shimmer Christmas Tree


A person who is practical, systematic, and ambitious is very likely to identify with the color gold. Friendly and charismatic, they respect tradition, harbor high ideals, and constantly strive to do what is right. Let your most noble characteristics shine through with the Treetopia Basics – Gold Tree.

Treetopia gold tree with clear lights
Treetopia Basics – Gold Tree


The color silver denotes someone who is highly intuitive and imaginative. This type of person tends to be introspective yet expressive and flexible. They are unafraid of change and welcome any opportunity to try new things. A sparkling personality like this deserves the Silver Stardust Tinsel Christmas Tree.

Treetopia silver tree with clear lights
Treetopia Silver Stardust Tinsel Christmas Tree


Those who have an affinity for black are fiercely loyal, methodical, and committed to their goals. Lovers of this shade treasure their privacy but are not necessarily introverted. Driven frequently by emotion, they display profound creativity and sensitivity. A black Christmas tree is a striking way to channel some of your personal mystique.

Treetopia tree with clear lights
Treetopia Midnight Black Christmas Tree


The color white indicates that a person is extremely confident, organized, and self-reliant. If you value simplicity, sincerity, and openness, then a white Christmas tree is the clear choice for cheering up your holiday home.

Treetopia narrow white tree
Treetopia Glimmering White Christmas Tree

So, which color tree do you think best suits your personality? Be sure to let us know in the comment section.

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