christmas tree decoration ideas for the whole year

There are 11 months to go from now until December 25, but that doesn’t mean your tree can’t get any action the rest of the year. Here are terrific Christmas tree decoration ideas for the holidays and occasions between!

Whole Lotta Love

hearts on a silver christmas tree decoration ideas
A sparkly Valentine’s Day tree by Jennifer Perkins

That special day you celebrate your Number One is a few months away. Decorate in the name of all the love that goes around. A pink or red tree is great, but one in any color, including silver also does the trick.

Valentine's day orange christmas tree decoration ideas
When it comes to a Valentine’s tree, orange is the new red.

It’s a pleasant surprise how much our 100% Orange Tree works for Valentine’s Day. Dare to be different with this bright color that goes well with pink. Then get crafty with DIY ornaments dripping with hearts, cupids, doves, and a bunch of XOXOs.

Tree on Parade

mardi gras christmas tree decoration ideas
Mardi Gras tabletop tree decor by Jennifer Perkins

New Orleanians celebrate Mardi Gras in March, and it’s always one for the books. If there ever was an occasion that calls for over-the-top decorating, this is it!

king cake christmas tree decoration ideas
Fun Mardi Gras-inspired ornaments

Decorate with the parade’s official colors: green, gold, and purple. Did you know there’s a deeper meaning to these colors? Go on a DIY spree and craft ornaments in the Mardi Gras tradition, which means hats, masks, and king cakes. Or, use a tree in any of these three colors. Check out Treetopia for fun options.

Laugh out Loud

Why not throw a get-together for your joker pals on April Fool’s Day? Decorating for this holiday can be a little tricky—it’s got to be fun and funny with an element of surprise thrown in.

April Fool's Day christmas tree decoration ideas
Tree decor and image by Smart Fun DIY

Seriously, there’s no need to look further than our Knocked Upside Down Tree. Decorate with practical joke toys, so guests have party favors to take home. Think whoopee cushions, gum tricks, chattering teeth, and disappearing ink pens.

Have a Hoppy One

easter bunny christmas tree decoration ideas
A white tree made up to look like the Easter Bunny

Easter is a lot like Christmas because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Chalk it up to all those adorable bunnies and chicks you see everywhere. The painted eggs during the hunt are the fun element of surprise.

Bunny christmas tree decoration ideas
Super cute vintage bunnies make great decorations.

Easter-themed ornaments in pastel colors pop on a white tree while a traditional green one symbolizes growth and springtime. To help you out with decorating ideas, check out this easy how-to on how to make bunny ornaments.

Mom is Love

Mother's Day christmas tree decoration ideas
Choose your favorite Mom photos to turn into ornaments.

The woman who makes all your holidays special deserves something a little extra for Mother’s Day. Watch her eyes light up with an all-for-mom Christmas tree to go with a yummy meal.

Mother's Day teatime christmas tree decoration ideas
This tree wouldn’t be complete without tea for two.

Pay tribute to mom and decorate with things inspired by her, like DIY photo ornaments. You can also say, “I love you” with flower decorations on a bright yellow tree.

Falling for Fall

fall christmas tree decoration ideas
Fall tree decor and image by A Kailo Chic Life

Doll up your home with all the pretty colors of this season. It’s also time for Halloween, one of our favorite tree-decorating holidays of the year!

Halloween christmas tree decoration ideas
Halloween tree decor and image by Craft-o-Maniac

Dress up your tree with ornaments in autumn colors like orange, red, and yellow. You can also trick it out with DIY ornaments of your favorite monsters. Now that’s a real treat!

Birthday Surprise

What’s even better than a surprise party? A birthday tree to go with it!

birthday christmas tree decoration ideas
Tree decor and image by The Creative Heart Studio.

There are no limits to what you can do for your birthday tree—choose one in your favorite color; decorate it with all your favorite things, or party elements like balloons. Whatever you choose, make sure it celebrates you.

There are tons of other ways to decorate and enjoy your Christmas tree all throughout the year. Spread the design love with friends and family who are always looking for fresh ways to celebrate with decorations.

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