decorating sports themed Christmas trees

If you’re a die-hard fan then sports themed Christmas trees for the holidays are the way to go. In fact, you can even use one to decorate a championship viewing party any time of the year. Show your favorite sports teams some love with a tree decorated in their colors. Whether you’re into basketball, American football, soccer, or just an all-out sports lover, this Treetopia guide shows you how it’s done.

Start with Your Team’s Colors

themed Christmas trees for sports

Let your favorite team’s colors guide you when planning out your sports-themed tree décor. Unless you’re a die-hard Green Bay Packers or Boston Celtics fan, a traditional Christmas tree may not be your best bet. Choose a colorful one in your team’s primary or secondary colors to make decorating much easier.

Get Creative with Team Items

Themed Christmas trees at the Ronald Mcdonald House
Photos by George Nikitin

If you have a lot of team memorabilia at home, use them to decorate your sports themed Christmas trees. From key chains and wrist pom-poms to stress balls and hair bow clips, almost any item can be used as a decoration.

Use Traditional Decorations as Accents

You’d be lucky to get a few logo ornaments from the San Francisco 49ers and the San Jose Earthquakes, but not that many teams sell Christmas tree ornaments. Instead, use traditional balls, finials, snowflake ornaments, and tree picks that match your favorite team’s color scheme. You can also add generic sports-themed décor, like soccer balls, foam fingers, or hockey pucks, to go with team-specific items you already have on hand.

complement sports themed trees with traditional ornaments
Photos by George Nikitin

Trimmings are a great way to pull everything together. Keeping the team’s colors in mind, choose a ribbon or garland that goes with your ornaments and contrasts with your tree’s foliage. Pick those with a metallic finish for a dazzling display. Check out these trees we decked out for a fundraiser at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Stand Out with Unique Tree Toppers

Unique tree toppers for themed christmas trees
Photos by George Nikitin

A signed team Santa hat was perfect for a San Jose Sharks-themed Christmas tree, but creating a unique tree topper also does the trick. We used a triple bow ribbon to top the Earthquakes tree and a car flag for the Stanford Cardinals tree. When in doubt, a team snapback makes a unique sports-themed tree topper.

Sports Dream Tree Themes

Now that you know the basics, here are some sports themed Christmas trees decorated by our friends to inspire you.

1. Football

You’re not ready for some serious homegating unless you have a tree decorated in honor of your team. In fact, since you’re having a Superbowl party, why not decorate two Christmas trees for both teams. It’s what you call “fair play!”

American football themed Christmas trees
Photos and tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Get inspired by these NFL-themed orange and black Christmas trees by Jennifer Perkins. She decorated them as tribute to the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. These are great examples of how memorabilia on a tree in team colors can score the winning touchdown.

2. Basketball

Celebrate the NBA Finals by decorating your home. Whip up some chow, invite your buddies over, and set up your artificial Christmas tree in the TV room for some prime-time game watching.

basketball themed Christmas trees

These amazing tree themes pay tribute to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. A red Christmas tree did the Cavs justice while a blue one scored high for the Warriors. The merch, basketballs, and the hoop and backboard made great decorations

warriors and raptors themed Christmas trees
Photo and tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

And, how about these Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors-inspired trees by Jennifer Perkins? Aren’t they a fun way to show some real team spirit?

Show love for your favorite teams by decorating unique sports themed Christmas trees as tribute with this guide from Treetopia. Share this post with fellow fans for an extra exciting sports season no matter what game you call your own!

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