The main benefit of owning an artificial Christmas tree is how long it lasts compared to a real one. It’s also one way of protecting Mama Nature. After buying one, here’s something to keep top of mind. It can become dull or discolored without the proper Christmas tree care. This includes protecting it from stains and harmful UV rays.

Christmas tree care for color maintenance

This Treetopia guide shows you how to maintain the color of your artificial Christmas tree year after year. Whether you own a green Christmas tree or a colorful one.

1. Use a Storage Bag

Christmas tree care storage
Photo by Jennifer Perkins

Proper storage is key in Christmas tree care. It helps maintain your artificial tree’s colorful foliage. And, protects it from heat and water damage, as well as insects and animals.

  • christmas tree care storage bag with support
    Bag It Up Tree Bag

The ideal way is to use a tree storage bag. A box will also do as a short-term solution. But, you’ll need to take an extra step and that’s to cover your tree in clear wrap. Cardboard deteriorates over time and can’t protect your tree from liquids or heat.

closet storage christmas tree care
Store your tree in a closet, but use a storage bag. Photo: Jennifer Perkins

Finally, store your tree in a cool, dry place like your basement or closet, especially your white trees. These tend to yellow when exposed to the high temperatures of your attic. 

2. Keep Your Tree Spic n’ Span

Nobody likes a drab and grimy Christmas tree. So get ready to do some cleaning after removing it from storage and before packing up. Think about how hard it will be to clean after months in storage. The longer you leave dirt on, the longer it takes to remove.

how to clean Christmas tree care
Image by Jennifer Perkins

Remove dust and dirt from the branches with a vacuum. Make sure to connect the brush attachment before cleaning. You can also use a soft cloth dipped in soap and water. A damp cloth—not soaking wet—is best for trees with foliage made from tinsel. Finally, wipe down metal parts with a dry and clean rag to avoid rusting.

For even more Christmas tree care tips, head on over to our post on how to clean one.

3. Steer Clear of Harsh Chemical Cleansers

Fight the urge to use strong soap to clean your Christmas tree. Why? This leaves a residue of harsh chemicals that react to UV rays, leading to discoloration. It’s a gradual process but it’s possible for the effects to be instant.

mild soap for christmas tree care

Instead, use a mild dish soap to clean your artificial tree. Mix it with warm water for best results.

4. Keep Your Tree Away from Direct Sunlight

  • Black Christmas Trees
    Black Christmas Trees

Sunlight is good for real Christmas trees. Harmful UV rays will cause the color of an artificial one to fade. Just take a look at the vibrant foliage of these trees. An import aspect of Christmas tree color care has to do with where you position yours.

Keep the color with the right Christmas tree care
Position your tree beside or across your windows.

Displaying your tree in a dark corner isn’t a solution either. This defeats the whole purpose of making your Christmas tree the star of your celebrations.

Consider placing your tree beside or opposite your windows. That way, your holiday work of art gets the prime spot in the room where everyone can admire it.

5. Consider the Other Aspects of Christmas Tree Care

There’s more to Christmas tree care than maintaining the color of your tree’s foliage. Whether you use it purely for Christmas or as a centerpiece for year-round decorating. Here’s a list of posts that will point you in the right direction:

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a colorful artificial Christmas tree today. Don’t keep this post a secret and share it with family and friends who want to keep their trees bright and colorful for years to come!


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