Maybe you aren’t sold on the idea of a pink Christmas tree yet. It’s understandable. There’s a common misconception that pink is a girl’s color. It starts with the infamous gender reveals, as boxes of pink balloons spiral up into the for a bouncing baby girl. Or, baby blue latex for a boy.

year round pink Christmas tree decorating ideas

The history of pink as a gender-neutral color dates all the way back to the 18th century, when both men and women wore it with equal style. It was even considered a “warlike” color since it’s a shade of red. The fact is pink is so much more than just “a girl’s color.”

The same can be said of a pink artificial Christmas tree. And, with the added panache of decorations in the shades of this versatile color, you have a tree for all seasons and reasons! Here’s a complete guide on how you can keep your pink tree stylish and up-to-date for occasions throughout the year.

Pink Christmas tree at home

The Shades of Pink & What They Say

While languages aren’t universal, colors are. Their meaning surpasses boundaries, cultures, religions, and trends regardless of where or who you are. As red is synonymous with passion and green with envy, pink is known as the color of sweetness, friendship, and harmony.

Color guide for pink Christmas decorations

It comes in different shades like salmon, blush, and fuchsia. The message you want to send out depends on the hue you use.

Décor in light, delicate pinks signifies relaxation, harmony, and friendship. They create a peaceful environment that invites quiet conversation over a bubbly glass of champagne.

Darker pinks vary in their meaning from passion to playfulness. Think about what you’re trying to convey when you use these colors for other holidays.

Hot pink and fuchsia are playful pops of color that open the eyes and wow the brain. Rose pink decorations are considered feminine and soft. Salmon and coral represent a strong, outgoing personality that loves to socialize.

Using Pink to Theme Your Tree

A pink tree in the living room
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

A pink theme is common for Valentine’s Day. Think outside the box and use your artificial pink Christmas tree the rest of the year, too. Try one of these decorating ideas for an easy switch, as we take you throughout the seasons.

1. The New Year

Pink is not the first color that comes to mind when decorating for New Year’s. But, did you know that this color goes with this holiday’s traditional color palette of silver, gold and black?

Pink tree balloon Christmas decorating idea
Image and pink tree décor by Lilly of The Creative Heart Studio

Lilly of The Creative Heart Studio decorated a versatile Pretty in Pink tree with multi-colored balloons. A theme that easily works for the New Year.

You can change up the décor by throwing in festive black, silver, and gold decorations to contrast with the pink tree branches. Or, add fun “Happy New Year!” party hats as ornaments.

2. Valentine’s Day

Of course, there’s the traditional pink, white, and red of Valentine’s Day. Red expresses passion and love while white is often used as a complementary color. Pink is a fresh and versatile hue that communicates a variety of emotions.

Valentines Day hot pink tree
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Ornaments in light pinks like flesh and blush create a sweet, soft look on your tree. Bolder pink ones like those seen on this Valentine’s creation by Jennifer Perkins scream fun and playfulness. The rotation of fuchsia, bubble gum pink, red, and white décor on a pink tree create amazing themes. Let your kids help decorate with these happy colors!

3. St. Patrick’s Day

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without the lucky color green? But why go typical when you can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by sprucing up your pink tree with green treasures?

Color wheel for yellow, green, blue and pink tree
Image and white tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Or, you can use a white tree and a color wheel to create an ever-changing color effect, including pink. When you add metallic ornaments, green clovers, and shiny coins, the finished product will make you happier than finding a pot of gold!

4. Easter

Easter and spring go hand-in-hand. It brings out the urge for soft pastels and happy colors just like the flowers that are starting to peek out from the ground. You can create this same vibe with your Easter tree.

vintage easter decorations on a pink Christmas tree
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

With a pink artificial tree and vintage decorations, this theme by Jennifer Perkins combines soft pastels with a vibrant hot pink. Easter egg tree ornaments add a familiar touch. The vintage décor calls to mind childhood memories of waking up to the Easter bunny’s magical visits. These were anticipated almost as much as Santa’s!

5. Summer

Ahhh, summer. It’s the time of year for happy and energetic colors. But, it’s also a time to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Why not decorate a pink Christmas tree to represent both?

Pink Christmas decorations on a pink flamingo Christmas tree
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

This pink pre-lit Christmas tree with a few rainbow-colored decorations is a good example of less is more. Jennifer Perkins added a flamingo tree topper as the finishing touch! A bright pink tree doesn’t need decorations to call attention. This flamingo tree theme is a simple, vibrant, and refreshing way to decorate for the whole summer.

How to make gift boxes out of vinyl records on a pink tree
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

You can also experiment with a pastel pink tabletop tree. Take a page out of Jen’s music theme and pull out those old vinyl albums you haven’t listened to in years, then use them as ornaments. A silver tinsel garland as a finishing touch gives your masterpiece a disco vibe!

6. Fall

There’s so much to celebrate during fall. School is back, leaves are changing colors, and the air is fresh and cool. The smell of cinnamon and pumpkin is everywhere.

Green decorations on a pink Christmas tree
Image and pink tree décor by Kara of A Kailo Chic Life

This season is a time to decorate. Instead of decorating with fall or Halloween colors, why not go for something more neutral? This flocked pink tree décor by Kara of A Kailo Chic Life is a theme you can also use for Christmas.

A pink wreath to match a pink tree
Image and pink wreath décor by Jennifer Perkins

Take your pink tree and decorate it with a neutral color scheme that includes your typical oranges, blues, greens, and browns. But, add splashes of pastel pink pumpkins, leaves, and flowers for a classy touch. Cornucopias, wreaths, and garlands interspersed with pastel pinks can be used throughout your home as other decors that supplement your tree’s beauty. For example, this pompom wreath decorated by Jennifer Perkins would make a great decoration for both spring and fall.

Halloween decorations on a pink Christmas tree
Image and pink tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Of course, decorating for Halloween is always fun! Don’t the dark pink, black, and white decorations for this theme scream: “Trick or Treat?” You can go wild with as much creativity as your imagination dreams up. Creepy, scary, funny, and mysterious are all excellent decorating themes for your pink Christmas tree.

7. Christmas

Bright decor on flocked pink Christmas tree
Image and pink tree décor by Kara of A Kailo Chic Life

For the holidays, nothing beats a gorgeous pink Christmas tree done right. Check out this theme from Kara of A Kailo Chic Life. Yours can be as classic or as unconventional as you want. Remember that when it comes to imagination, there are no limits.

metallic palette for a pink tree

Use gold and silver ornaments for an elegant touch, using ivory, gold, and silver to add sparkle.

Use multi-color ornaments and decorations on a pink Christmas tree

Or, use ornaments in vivid colors. Peacock ornaments, bright balls, and colorful feathers are a whimsical way to decorate your pink Christmas tree.

Neutral colors look elegant on a pink Christmas tree

Finally, here’s an elegant color palette that never goes out of style. Decorate your tree with ornaments in neutral hues like ivory, taupe, and gray. You can also go for a monochromatic look with pink Christmas decorations in soft shades like blush and flesh for a timeless and graceful effect. Throw in some shimmery accents for extra sparkle.

Not only are pink Christmas trees and pink garland and wreaths versatile, they’re also a unique way to decorate and show off your signature style whatever the occasion. Go classic, vibrant, funky, or understated, but add one to your decorating plans this year!

How do you like decorating your pink tree? We’d love to hear from you!


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