Maybe you aren’t sold on the idea of a pink Christmas tree yet. It’s understandable. Though this hue is known as a feminine shade, there’s more to it, too. With that said, what does pink mean? Read this post to find out. Plus, get pink Christmas tree decoration ideas for your special occasions throughout the year.

Ombre Pink Christmas Tree banner

Celebrate with a Pink Christmas Tree

Get pink party-ready with this assortment of artificial Christmas trees. They come in different shades with heights of 4 to12 feet. Choose from pencil, slim, and full profiles to suit your space.

Short on space? Our Pink Pumps Pencil Tree has a narrow shape perfect for tight corners. Looking for something unique? Our Strawberry Milkshake Ombre Tree features pretty foliage with a pink and white gradient effect. Have something else in mind? Visit the website to explore more pink Christmas tree styles.

What does pink symbolize?

Colors are universal. Their meaning surpasses boundaries, cultures, religions, and trends. Just as red is synonymous with passion and green with envy, pink is all about sweetness and romance. Let these inspire you when decorating your pink Christmas tree.

Graphic showing different shades of pink

Pink comes in different shades like salmon, blush, and fuchsia. Each hue sends out a different message. Decorations in light, delicate pinks signify relaxation and friendship. They create a peaceful environment that invites quiet conversation over champagne.

For instance, salmon is hopeful and happy, while coral is feminine and invigorating. On the other hand, hot pink is associated with youth and rebellion. Meanwhile, fuchsia is a more mature color that conveys confidence and assertiveness.

What Christmas colors go with pink?

Pink is so versatile that it can match virtually any other hue. Sherwin-Williams and other color experts even dubbed soft blush tones like “Millennial Pink” a new neutral. Find the right shade of pink for you and try these fabulous color combinations:

Colors that look good with a pink Christmas tree

How do you decorate pink Christmas trees?

Think beyond the holiday season and use your tree for other occasions throughout the year. Try these pink Christmas tree decoration ideas as you transition your décor from one celebration to the next.


For the holidays, nothing beats a gorgeous pink Christmas tree done right. Choose from a range of themes, including sweet and subtle or fun and funky. Check out these motifs decorated by our friends:

Colorful ornaments on a pink Christmas tree
Décor by Emily Harris

Emily used colorful big letters that spelled out “Fa-la-la.” This added a festive vibe while paper fans and honeycomb ball ornaments added texture. For a cohesive look, she wrapped her Christmas presents in bright fuchsia, yellow, and orange paper.

Gold and white ornaments on a pink Christmas tree
Décor by Tiffany Darlyn

On the other hand, Tiffany went for a softer look. She used ornaments in pink, white, and gold to match the room’s interior. Christmas balls in metallic and glittered finish added sparkle.

Pink Christmas tree with plushy ornaments
Décor by Joni Lay

Joni of Lay Baby Lay put up this small pink Christmas tree in the nursery. She hung cute animal plush ornaments on the 5-foot centerpiece. To give it a holiday vibe, she complemented them with shiny white Christmas balls.

New Year

Pink is not the first color that comes to mind when decorating for New Year’s. But did you know that it goes well with this holiday’s traditional colors? Try silver, gold, and black for a luxurious look. Or go for a fun balloon theme like Lilly of The Creative Heart Studio.

Balloons as main decoration of a pink Christmas tree
Décor by Lilly Jimenez

She decorated her Pretty in Pink tree with balloons. Think about it. This holiday is all about celebrating the arrival of something new, so why not use a birthday party theme? Take it up a notch by using party streamers as garlands.

Valentine’s Day

Of course, let’s not forget the traditional colors of Valentine’s Day: pink, white, and red. The latter expresses passion and love while white is often used as a complementary color. Pink is a versatile hue that can be gentle and striking depending on intensity.

This hot pink Christmas tree has ornaments in varying shades of the same color for a monochromatic effect. The baby pink and blush tones offset the vivid hue of the branches. Meanwhile, bolder pink and red decorations are playful additions.

If you prefer something more subtle, go for a pastel pink wreath. Meredith of Cake and Confetti decked hers out with colorful heart-shaped paper ornaments. Blue, yellow, green, and purple contrast well with pink.


Easter is all about bunnies, soft pastels and pretty flowers. Why not use a spring garden as inspiration for your Easter tree?

DIY pastel ornaments for an Easter tree
Décor by Natalie Mayhew

Natalie of Fern & Maple Style made garden gnome and toadstool decorations out of plastic eggs. Then, she hung faux flower ornaments made from felt and fringe. A “Happy Easter” garland and paper fan flowers on the wall completed the look.


Can’t take a trip this year? Then decorate a Christmas in July tree inspired by your dream destination. Or relive memories of past vacations by using treasured souvenirs as décor.

Travel-themed ornaments for a pink summer tree
Décor by Pam Kessler

Get inspired by this pink Christmas tree decorating idea from Pam of House of Hawthornes. She chose ornaments that remind her of sunny Florida. A pink flamingo served as a tree topper with tiny beach chairs and campers for ornaments. The best part? She added vintage postcards, including one with an open-mouthed alligator. Do you agree that it can’t get any more Florida than that?

Back to School

Get the kids excited about the coming school year with a Christmas tree decorating project. Tell them to use art class as a theme for their pink Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Small pink Christmas tree decorated with colorful garlands
Décor by Savannah Dahan

Performance artist Savannah Dahan wrapped paper garlands around her 5-foot Christmas tree. She made a multi-colored chain garland out of paper strips. A black garland with an alphabet print emphasized the back-to-school theme. For ornaments, she used colorful wooden clothespins.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Another idea is to decorate your pink Christmas tree in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Use décor that symbolizes the cause. If you don’t want to commit to an entire tree, how about a pink wreath instead?

Check yo' Self ornament hanging on a pink wreath decorated for Breast Cancer Awareness month
Décor by Kara Whitten

For instance, Kara of A Kailo Chic Life decorated a pink wreath with cardstock that reads “Check yo’ Self.” The message stresses the importance of early detection and prevention. Display this on your front door to show you stand with the community.


Take your pink centerpiece all the way to the trick-or-treat season. Believe us, black and pink is an amazing color combination.

Pre-lit pink Christmas tree decorated for Halloween
Décor by Ann Shen

Get inspired by Ann Shen who cooked up a cute yet creepy display for Halloween. She used black ornaments like a faux crow, spiders, and owls. These contrasted well with the pink foliage. Meanwhile, the bat and broom décor in the background are bewitching additions.

Unicorn-themed Parties

If you or a friend loves unicorns, why not plan a unicorn-themed celebration? A Christmas tree makes the perfect centerpiece, especially when it’s pink.

Birthday tree decorated with Unicorn ornaments
Décor by Vanessa Diaz

Vanessa of Brite & Bubbly transformed white balloons into unicorn ornaments by drawing on their faces with black marker. Then, she crafted DIY cake ornaments out of Styrofoam and felt. Unicorn horns made from cardstock completed the look.

Not only are pink Christmas trees versatile, they’re also standouts. Decorate them to show off your signature style. Whether that’s classy, vibrant, funky, or understated—it’s all up to you. Why not include one in your decorating plans this year? See for yourself how it transforms any space.

Do you have pink Christmas tree decoration ideas not mentioned here? We love hearing about them so go ahead and share them in the comments! Who knows, they might inspire someone else, too.

Merry pink-mas and happy decorating!


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  4. Kayla Norris Reply

    I have always been traditional with the Christmas tree. But this year I am OBSESSED with the whimsical. The pink tree would be PERFECT to bring my ideas to life. Also love this blog post to give me the idea to keep up all year ! My daughter loves flamingos so would love to try and decorate it like that for summer

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    These are so beautiful! My dear friend Vivian passed away recently and we are doing everything pink to honor her. She loved pink! She even had a customized pink wheelchair. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She is going to be terribly missed. So happy these trees are available

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    I am SO in love with your pink trees. I love the classic Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree, but I am also seriously gushing over the Milkshake Ombre Tree! Either of these would fit in perfectly for my new home office <3

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  91. What an interesting blog! It’s fascinating to see the ways we can use different complementary colors to decorate a tree. Just like the Strawberry Milkshake Obré Tree, it’s unique to see a variation of hues! Pink is also a favorite color of mine! And if I ever had a pink tree like those in my room I would like to test my creativity in decorating it! 💗🤗🎨

  92. Flutterbre 💗 Reply

    What an interesting blog! It’s fascinating to see the ways we can use different complementary colors to decorate a tree. Just like the Strawberry Milkshake Obré Tree, it’s unique to see a variation of hues! Pink is also a favorite color of mine! And if I ever had a pink tree like those in my room I would like to test my creativity in decorating it! 💗🤗🎨

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