New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen. Making them is the easy part, sticking to them is a different story. I like to think of resolutions as goals of visions for the future as opposed to resolutions.

silver tree for the New Year

Being a visual person (can you tell from my groovy silver NYE tree), actually making something physical like a vision board helps me not only realize my goals for the upcoming year, it helps those goals to actualize.

New Year's Eve table setting

A vision board is a physical interpretation of your goals. This ‘board’ will be your motivation throughout the year to help you make your dreams a reality.

Come Up with Your Goals for the New Year

Not only do you want your vision board to be accurate, you want it to be pretty and inspiring.

New Years Eve Vision Board Party setup

Your first step is to make a list of goals. You can make them broad like lose 10 lbs and eat more vegetables or more specific like “achieve total world craft blog domination.” Think big picture.

Prepare Vision Board Supplies

From there, gather some supplies to put goals to paper. Heck, invite some friends and make a party out of it. I want to show off my silver tree for New Year’s Eve anyway. Some people drink themselves to oblivion, I’ll be visualizing my master plan for the year ahead.

new year's eve noisemaker-holder

Everyone will need something to use as their vision board or goal journal. Poster board, blank journals, or even a sheet of paper. You will be filling your vision board with images and quotes to inspire you and remind you daily of your goals. Collect these things:

  • Old magazines
  • Postcards from your collection
  • Printouts from the Internet
  • Scrap-booking goodies from the craft store.
Supplies for a vision board

I personally like the idea of using a journal as my vision board. These black beauties were cheap and will act as the perfect canvas to collage my dreams into. Whether you are using a board or a book, a picture of yourself is key. You want to surround yourself with these affirmations, ideas and good thoughts. Remember you will be looking at this vision board daily to remind yourself to keep your eyes on the prize.

Follow Up on Each Other’s Vision Boards

Once you and your party guests have completed your vision boards, promise each other as you ring in the New Year that you will spend time with your goals. Not just glance at them every so often, not just like each other’s pictures on Instagram of you making your vision boards. REALLY promise to spend time with your vision boards. Promise to hold each other accountable. Maybe quarterly you check in, bring your vision journals, and talk about what you are doing to get to that big final end goal.

Eat drink and be merry with a NYE vision board party

So what are your goals for the year ahead? While you’re thinking about it, check out my New Year’s Eve Tree from last year and more crafty NYE fun on my blog.

By Jennifer Perkins

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