Game of Thrones viewing party

Winter is coming. More importantly, the opportunity to host a Game of Thrones viewing party is coming. Get premiere-ready with these GOT-themed party ideas. Grab your crowns and swords!

Game of Thrones motto

You don’t need to convert your entire house into a castle, but a few fun DIY touches will get you and your friends ready for season 8. A letter board with the infamous “Winter is Coming,” party crowns, regal banners, faux brick walls, and of course, a themed artificial white tree.

Paper crowns to watch Game of Thrones

There’s no need to set up games like Pin the Tail on the Dire Wolf or Spoon and Dragon Egg Race. All you need are some fancy snacks, a television, and the perfect photo backdrop.

Decorate a Game of Thrones Tree

A globe gets the Game of Thrones treatment

Not only is a themed white artificial Christmas tree a great party photo opp, it’s also a fun way to carry over the Game of Thrones theme with DIY white tree ornaments and accents. Start with a Treetopia White Christmas Tree. After all, the Weirwood Tree is white. You could go with red leaves or add more rustic and themed touches like:

  • DIY Dire Wolf ornaments
  • Faux plants and succulents
  • DIY dragon eggs
  • Antlers
  • A dragon tree topper
  • A faux fur tree skirt
  • Mini crowns

DIY Dire Wolf Ornaments

Dire Wolf ornaments on a white christmas tree

Make your own Game of Thrones ornaments using toy wolves. Drill a small hole into the top of each plastic wolf. Add a dab of glue and twist in an eye hook. Add an ornament hanger after the glue has dried.

Crown it with a Dragon Tree Topper

Drogon Games of Thrones ornament

Forget the star on top of the white Christmas tree, give it a Targaryen-proud topper with a toy dragon!

Craft Khaleesi-approved Dragon Egg Ornaments

DIY Game of Thrones ornaments

Lucky for all of you GOT fans the premiere happens around Easter. Grab some paper mache eggs from the craft store. Paint them with a base color like gray. Allow to dry completely. Wrap the eggs in fishnet stockings tightly. Coat the eggs with gold spray paint in a well-ventilated area. Remove the stockings after the paint has dried. Scatter the eggs around the tree as ornaments.

Use a Game of Thrones-inspired Tree Skirt

Game of Thrones white christmas tree

If you’re going to have a dragon on top, don’t forget to represent the House of Stark on the bottom with a faux fur tree skirt. A blanket or piece of craft store fabric will work perfectly to cover the base of the tree.

Set the Party Table

A feast to watch Game of Thrones

Review the wedding and party scenes from Game of Thrones to get inspiration for setting the perfect party table. A fruit and cheese tray is always a good idea. Don’t forget the fun touches:

  • Mix and match thrift store-bought brass candle sticks to give the table a moody centerpiece
  • For a table runner, use an old map or scrapbook paper to mimic the map of the 7 Kingdoms
  • Accents like globes, antlers, and moss add to the medieval vibe

Serve Medieval Finger Foods

fruit cheese wine and meat to watch Game of Thrones

Have you ever been to the Medieval Times? There was no silverware in sight. Everyone ate with their hands. That’s why a fruit, cheese, and meat tray is the perfect GOT Feast. If guests ask really nicely, you could give them a knife to spread their brie. A few feast ideas include:

  • A variety of cheeses. Don’t forget the port wine cheese
  • Small fruits like berries and grapes
  • Honey for dipping
  • Pomegranates make every cheese tray look fancier. It’s a fact

Keep the Wine & Ale Flowing

Cheers! to Game of Thrones

Stock the bar with plenty of wine and ale. Bonus points if you can find brands with labels of maps, castles, or swords on the bottles. If your friends prefer mixed drinks get creative with a batch of White Walker Russians or Lannister Lemon Drop Shots. You get the idea!

Don’t Forget the Game of Thrones Photo Booth

Game of Thrones photo opps

If there are not pictures of your GOT viewing party did it really happen? Be sure to have plenty of props for photo opportunities in front of your Game of Thrones Tree.

  • Letter board that says “Winter is Coming”
  • Swords
  • Crowns
  • Castle wall backdrop
Jen Perkins Game of Thrones Decorating theme

Guests will have tons of fun taking pictures in front of the tree and sign to commemorate your fabulous Game of Thrones Viewing party.

Everything you need for a Game of Thrones viewing party

You can also throw a series finale party. It’s so hard to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite show. At least you can send it off in style with your own fabulous viewing party full of DIY fun, tasty treats, and of course a GOT-themed tree!

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