If you haven’t taken out the Christmas tree yet, it’s about time to set it up and give it a fluff. Bring your tree to life this holiday season by shaping it with your persistence and creativity.

Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree
Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree from Treetopia with downswept tips

1.    Assemble the Tree

Choose the location to display your Christmas tree. Select a spot near a wall outlet if your tree is lighted. After careful inspection of all the parts, begin setting up your tree according to the manufacturer’s instructions, making sure that all sections are in their proper places.

When working with a pre-lit tree, it’s good to turn on the lights so you can better position the bulbs as well as spot any gaps in the course of fluffing.

2. Wear Gloves

Some trees do bite, so wear gloves for convenience, comfort and safety. A pair of cotton gloves will not only protect your hands from any rough, hard, pointy needles, it will also make it easier for your hands to glide smoothly over the branches.

3. Start from the Bottom Upwards

Work from the bottom layer upwards, separating the smaller branches within each larger branch. It’s always best to start from the bottom because you’ll run into major problems otherwise. Starting with the shorter branches at the top will make it harder to get the longer, lower branches in the direction you want them to go.

Check that every branch has fallen properly into place. Make sure that all of the rows are evenly spaced and that the spaces between each row of branches are minimal.

4. Work from the Back of the Branch

Begin with the tips furthest back on the branch toward the center pole. That way, when you get to the front of the branch, you know where to fill in any gaps to make the tree look full. With each branch, move the fingers up and out, away from the center of the tree.

5. Spread the Tips

Fluff out the branches by running your fingers against the grain. Try researching the natural bend of branches and tips that your tree should mimic so you can achieve the most authentic appearance. For most tree styles, spreading the tips in a “V” pattern and alternating their direction create the most natural look.  Spread some tips vertically up and sideways out of the branch so that they resemble a peacock’s fanned tail. The outermost tips may be curled upward for an upswept look or downward for a downswept appearance.

Alexander Fir Christmas Tree with up-swept tips

6. Step Back to Check the Appearance of the Tree

Take a few steps back and observe your tree from different angles. See if there are holes or gaps in the branches. If your tree is lit, check if the lights are spaced evenly throughout the tree.

Compare it with a photo of what it should look like to see if you achieved its ideal shape. Make the necessary adjustments in any areas that need a bit more shaping.

7. Step Back Once More

Congratulations! After all the time spent fluffing, you now have for a more voluminous tree. Enjoy the view as it is, or start decorating it with your favorite tree topper and ornaments.

The Christmas tree is the focal point of many homes during the holiday season. Follow these tips to give your artificial tree a lush, lifelike appearance.

Check out this video of blogger Michael Wurm, Jr. as he fluffs his vintage Christmas tree:

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