Pencil Christmas tree decor tips

Big on Christmas decorating but short on space? Enter the pencil tree. The narrow width is ideal for smaller homes and rooms, without skimping on Christmas cheer. Here are four ways to sharpen your decorating skills.

#1 Pick a Color Scheme

Ready to play matchy-matchy? Color-coordinate ornaments to your room to extend the look to the entire area. Don’t worry about the tree getting lost in the background—its unique shape alone makes it a standout.

A pencil tree can make a huge visual impact.

Another idea is to use a monochromatic color scheme. Choose ornaments that either complement or contrast with your room’s palette. Whichever it is, play with different shades so your tree is eye-catching and not blinding.

#2 Quality Over Quantity

One of the best things about a pencil tree is that decorations pop out more against its slim profile. That’s why it’s important to consider ornament size and quantity. You can use large ones but don’t go overboard, or you’ll hide the foliage altogether. Hang them on the lower and wider section of the tree to balance out your décor.

Too many large ornaments can weigh down your branches. They can also cause the tree to lean awkwardly to one side. The solution to this is to use light ornaments like those made of plastic instead of glass or ceramic. You can also use large ribbons or garlands. These will jazz up your tree without causing it to topple over.

#3 Dress up the Base

The pencil tree’s narrow width leaves the base more exposed. Now’s your chance to show off your favorite tree collar or skirt. You can also use decorative items like a vintage wooden crate for a rustic effect or a galvanized tub for an industrial look.

A narrow tree dressed up from top to bottom.

If you’re crafty, use a DIY tree skirt or mix empty gift-wrapped boxes with actual presents to create a small mountain of Christmas loot. Just don’t forget to remove the faux gifts before it’s time to unwrap the real ones!

#4 Watch Your Tree Topper’s Weight

A lightweight palm tree-inspired topper by The Connoisseur of Cute.

For the finishing touch, crown your tree with a gorgeous topper. Whether it’s store-bought or homemade, make sure it’s not too heavy. Now you can bask in the limelight as friends and family admire your fabulous pencil Christmas tree décor.

Check out our selection of colorful and green pencil trees, and then get decorating! Share these tips with friends and family who are looking for ways to spruce up smaller spaces for the holidays.

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