Home Decorating with Sand & Shells

With autumn just around the corner, you might be feeling the post-vacation blues. Even if your last beach getaway was ages ago, worry not because we have a few ideas that will help brighten those blues. With items lying around the home, you can decorate your space to recall fun times spent lounging at the beach.

The colors of summer are hard to forget and perfect for breathing new life into drab spaces. Now’s the time to bring out those sea shells you’ve been collecting, and the beach sand you’ve been keeping in jars as keepsakes. Put them to good use by following some of the decorating ideas suggested below.

Maritime Candle Centerpiece

Maritime candle centerpiece
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Almost everyone has received scented or colored candles as gifts, and chances are some of them might be blue ones. Instead of letting them gather dust in the attic or storage room, use them as tabletop decorations to complement your beach-inspired décor theme. Put them on a blue wooden tray, pour some sand around them, and display them on a table or on your mantel.

The “Beach Globe”

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This is a summer version of the well-loved snow globe. Grab some clear jars or vases and put your seashells and some colorful pebbles in them. Finally, pour some beach sand into the jar or vase and voila! You have your very own beach-in-a-jar to display at home.

Summer Garden

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If your home needs Mother Nature’s touch, line up some driftwood and flowers in a clear glass container. It’ll give a relaxing, Zen-like feel to the room. In the image above, test tubes with sea lavender inside provides color. The pebble runner on which the glass container stands is optional, but it adds a nice, earthy touch. Keep the pebbles together by gluing them onto a grid or small tray.

The Driftwood Wreath

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The wreath is a classic and versatile décor piece. The driftwood wreath pictured above can be used to decorate hallways, doors, or your mantel. The driftwood gives it a natural, rustic appeal, while the shell accents complete the beach theme.

The Lounging-on-the-beach-while-reading-a-good-book-and-drinking-piña-colada Wind Chime

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As the name suggests, this lovely wind chime is a representation of the perfect day on the beach because it not only presents a visual reminder, it provides aural cues as well. Now is the time to get creative; gather the small items you collected from the beach as keepsakes and combine them to create a décor piece that reflects your personality. Tie them together with nylon cords and attach to a piece of driftwood.

The suggestions above are but a few of the things you can come up with using objects you found while on the beach, or lying around your home. They are proof that even the smallest things can bring great joy. Using these ideas, you can now showcase your beach keepsakes, and maybe spark a conversation about your last great adventure.

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Vinoth Chandar via Flickr CC BY 2.0

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