How to Decorate Your Brown and Orange Christmas Tree with Treetopia

One look at the surrounding scenery and you can tell that fall is Mother Nature’s fashion show. Trees, leaves, and entire landscapes flaunt a kaleidoscope of red, orange, yellow, and brown palettes. Treetopia’s line of orange and brown trees packs a powerful visual punch that elevates your home design and can be decorated to transcend the beauty of the changing seasons.

Metallic Tones

Decorate your orange Christmas tree with metallics
Featuring the Treetopia Basics- Orange Tree (UL), Toasted Champagne Garland (UR), Old World Splendor Ornament Set (LL), and Ornate Peacock Holiday Star Tree Topper (LR)

Give fall and your Treetopia Basics – Orange Tree an extra dose of glitz and glamour with a metallic color scheme. Drape our Toasted Champagne Garland on your orange tree and embellish it further with gold, silver, and platinum baubles for a strikingly modern and luxurious look. Deep blue ornaments, along with our Ornate Peacock Holiday Star Tree Topper, will counterbalance the warm hues of orange and gold, while antique copper ornaments and bronze finials can add another dimension to the theme.

Naturally Vivid

Decorate your orange Christmas tree with green and brown ornaments
Featuring our 100% Orange Christmas Tree (UL), Green with Envy Assorted Ornament Set (UR), Sour Apple Green Christmas Balls(LL), and Starry Night Satin Dream Ornaments(LR)

Follow through with the fall look by decorating your orange tree with items and colors from nature. A bold combination of green and orange projects a youthful energy that suits your daring and spirited design style. Our 100% Orange Christmas Tree has a rich orange hue that can be complemented by the light yellow-green color of our Sour Apple Green Christmas Ball Ornaments and the deeper tone and texture of our Green with Envy Assorted Ornament Set. A smattering of blue and teal reinforces the natural theme by highlighting vivid colors found in nature.

Red and White

Decorate your brown Christmas tree with classic red and white
Featuring our Chocolate Truffle Christmas tree (UL), Red Passion Assorted Ornaments (UR), Winter White Garland (LL), and Starlight Tree Skirt (LR)

Decorating our Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree with yellow and orange ornaments would paint a pretty fall picture, but a tree with such a luscious brown color demands a bit of panache. Create a dashing ensemble by adorning it with bright, bold colors. Take our Winter White Garland and pair it with our Red Passion Assorted Ornaments ; add a sprinkling of blue, green, yellow, and pink ornaments, and finish with a shiny red star as the figurative cherry on top. Since red and white are traditional Christmas colors, your existing ornaments would look delightful on a brown Christmas tree.

Whichever design you choose, the versatility of Treetopia’s orange and brown trees will let your impeccable taste and contemporary style shine from autumn to winter. Which theme are you excited to try? Sound off in the comments below!

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