New Year is almost upon us and with it comes reflections on what has passed and what the future has in store. I always love a fresh start.

resolutions New Year's Eve decor

Of course, resolutions for new things to try and values to work on are always at the forefront of everyone’s mind. So, to really make sure I live up to my resolutions, I brought them to life on my décor for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Add a Visual Reminder

White Christmas tree decor for new years eve

As I toast to the year ahead, I hope it brings me less stress, more family time and fun, and the opportunity to organize my home and life. Plus, more travel doesn’t hurt!

pompom decor for new years eve

To keep these resolutions top of mind, I used my vinyl cutter to cut out resolutions from colored cardstock and placed them on the my white Christmas tree.

Color Your Resolutions

Of course, I went with all the colors because that is just how I love my life—full of color! As you transition from Christmas to the New Year, I encourage you to think about all the things you want to accomplish and the life goals you have. Then find a way to incorporate them into your décor as a reminder through DIY elements (A red circle and line over a junk food ornament, perhaps?).

snowflakes and resolution decor for new years eve

It’s a fun and useful way of thinking about your hopes for the new year. Hopefully, seeing them on display will help you keep your resolutions for longer than a week!

By Kara of A Kailo Chic Life

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