If you want a unique centerpiece for your home, then a black artificial tree is the way to go. It’s a lot like the little black dress because it’s so versatile. Black Christmas trees go with practically any decorating theme you have in mind. These decorating ideas will show you why and how you can take your black tree from one occasion to the next.

Light, Matte, & Shine

Christmas tree ornaments in white or pastel colors are a striking contrast to black tree branches. This effect is even more dramatic when you combine them with solid-colored ornaments in matte and shiny finishes. Stick to a color scheme that consists of one to three colors, and don’t be afraid to use metallics.

1. From Christmas to Spring

artificial black Christmas tree decor
Image and black tree décor by Reichel of Copy Cat Chic

Reichel Breussard of Copy Cat Chic shows you how it’s done using a Treetopia black tree. This tree decorating idea is also perfect for your New Year’s bash. Add in some pastel floral picks (Don’t skimp!) and go easy on the shine to welcome spring.

Tuxedo Black Artificial Christmas Tree from Sparkle Living
Image and black tree décor by Jessa of Sparkle Living

Another tree decorating theme that you can take from Christmas to the New Year to spring is this gorgeous creation by Jessa of Sparkle Living. The faux white flowers are a fresh touch and contrast nicely with the black branches. You can trade in the snowflakes and black and gray balls for silver ornaments and more white floral picks for a springtime feel.

2. Celebrate the Oscars

2019 Academy Awards inspired black tree decorations
Image and black tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

A fun idea is an Oscars-themed tree for your Academy Awards viewing party. Jennifer Perkins took a Black Gold Ombre tree and transformed it into a winning decorating theme complete with star, film reel, clapboard, and movie camera decorations! Glittery black ornaments give it that extra red-carpet dazzle.

Patterns, Felt, & Bows

Try something a little different. Go ahead and use bows and ornaments made of fabric in bright patterns. These will really stand out on a black tree. It’s also a chance to unleash your inner DIY superstar.

1. Perfect in Plaid

Decorating a black tree for Christmas.
Image and black tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins’ Christmas decorating theme is bursting with plaid perfection. She dolled up a black tree in red plaid ornaments, pine cones, and a shiny garland.

2. Bohemian Scene

Decorate a black Christmas tree for summer with vivid pops of color like this bright creation from Jaderbomb. J’adore her felt ball garlands. It’s a theme straight out of a boho dream.

boho decor on a black tree
Image and black tree décor by Jade of Jaderbomb

Also, doesn’t it call to mind the fun and fashionable vibe of your favorite music festival? Recreate the Coachella vibe at home with this black tree decorating idea, a couple of pals, and some awesome tunes for a festival-themed party!

Go, Team!

1. A Winning Theme

Carolina Panthers-themed Superbowl black tree.
Panthers-themed ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Here’s a decorating idea for all you fanboys and girls out there. Use a black Christmas tree as your shrine to your sports team during the season. Decorate it with memorabilia, team-themed ornaments, and streamers. The blacker the tree, the more your team’s colors pop. Jen Perkins shows us how with these Super Bowl-themed trees. We’re rooting for you!

2. Geek Out!

A Vader-approved black Christmas tree

Not into sports? Decorate your home in homage to your pop culture obsession with a Star Wars-inspired Black Gold Ombre tree. Want to celebrate May the 4th in true Jedi (or Sith) fashion? Then check out more ways to celebrate here.

DIY Decorate It!

A fun way to dress up your black Christmas tree is to make your own decorations. You get to flex your creative muscles and come up with a decorating theme that’s truly unique! And, one of the best times to do this is on Halloween because who doesn’t like an imaginative and creep-tastic black Halloween tree?

1. Tree for a Cause

Decorate a black Christmas tree for the teal pumpkin project with Jennifer Perkins
Image and black tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

We love how Jennifer Perkins combined her love for the holiday with a cause that’s close to her heart. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a movement that promotes safe treats for kids with food allergies during Halloween. You can dress up a wreath, put a sign on your yard, or even better, decorate a tree. Invite the children inside for some treats and no tricks!

2. Witch it Up

Halloween Home Tour black Christmas tree
Image and black tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Are you a vintage collector like Jen? If so, now is the time to bust out your collections and use them as ornaments on a Halloween tree. She used her blow molds and witch masks topped with honeycomb hats as decorations.

3. Colorful Calaveras

Skulls are everywhere from costumes to home décor to trees during this spooky holiday. Here’s a craft project from Cassie Stephens on how to create your own creepy skull ornaments!

Or, this haunted movie theater theme for a Silver Shadow Ombre tree by Andrew and Dennis of Crafty Lumberjacks.

Similar to Halloween is Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). No, they’re not one and the same. Dia de los Muertos goes on for three days. It’s when the spirits of ancestors are believed to come back for a visit. They are welcomed with festivals, performances, favorite food, and of course, skulls or calaveras, as they are known in Mexico.

Dia de los Muertos black artificial tree decorating idea by Lia Griffith
Image and black tree décor by Lia Griffith

Now, these aren’t morbid like the skulls in horror books and movies. Instead, they are full of colorful detail to show how Mexicans celebrate their loved ones who have passed on. This black pencil Christmas tree was decorated by creative genius Lia Griffith. We love how skilled she is at the fine art of paper cutting.

Find the right black tree to fit the occasion and get those creative juices flowing. We hope these decorating themes inspire you to create your own showstoppers. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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