Black trees for Halloween are a chic statement for your upcoming celebrations. They’re versatile centerpieces you can use for other holidays throughout the year. Check out the Treetopia selection and get inspired by decorating ideas from our partners.

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A Stunning Selection of Black Christmas Trees

A black Christmas tree is a lot like the little black dress because it works for practically any occasion or decorating theme—just like a traditional green one. Choose from Treetopia’s black assortment in different foliage types, shapes, sizes, and lighting options.

Decorated Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree review by momof3boys florida

“I purchased the Black Tuxedo 7.5 ft pre-lit tree and it is BEAUTIFUL! This was my first artificial tree and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. My husband and my 3 teenage boys even complimented, saying it looks really good. And it looks like the type of Christmas tree you would see in magazines. So happy with this purchase!”—Momof3boys from Florida

The star of our black collection is the Tuxedo Black Christmas tree. This dramatic holiday centerpiece features a full silhouette. Touches of tinsel add sparkle to the jet-black foliage. With its bright clear lights, this tree is ready for the red carpet. Take it from one occasion to the next. Dress it up or down, according to your decorating style.

What Black Symbolizes

Black Halloween elements like bats and spiders

Since prehistoric times, black pigments from charcoal and iron minerals have been widely used for art and clothing. According to Google Arts and Culture, black’s Latin translation “ater” is related to cruelty or “atrocity.” The shade also got its bad rap from being commonly used to depict demons.

Black ink was used to illustrate kings and devils alike

A lesser-known fact is the color was used to illustrate kings and historical events. Black is likewise linked to both simplicity and sophistication. That’s why its role in fashion is significant, too.

Audrey Hepburn in black dress

The 12th century Benedictine monks wore coal robes to represent humility and penitence. Then, 14th century Italian bankers donned ebony garments to signify their high social standing. European kings soon followed suit.

Eventually, black outfits reached “wardrobe staple” status. French fashion icon Coco Chanel introduced the “Little Black Dress” in 1927. The elegant Audrey Hepburn also wore the now iconic Givenchy dress in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also, the dark shade is dominant in aesthetics like the goth subculture and minimalism.

Black is one of the most popular Halloween colors for costumes and decorations

Black Halloween pumpkins

Here are some reasons black is considered a Halloween color. It denotes sadness and death and wearing black while grieving has been customary since the age of the Roman Empire. It also represents “the dark months that come with winter,” according to Reader’s Digest.

What Colors Go Well with Black

Christmas tree ornaments in white, pastel, and other bright colors are a striking contrast to black tree branches. This effect is even more dramatic when you combine them with solid-colored ornaments in matte and shiny finishes. Stick to a color scheme that consists of one to three hues, and don’t be afraid to use metallics.

Treetopia's recommended color combinations that go well with black trees for Halloween and other holidays

Try these brilliant color combinations when decorating black trees for Halloween and other holidays. Choose between bright hues or a muted palette. Play with textures and patterns, too. Make metallic, matte, or glass décor stand out more with a black background. 

Bewitching Black Trees for Halloween

While deciding on what costume to wear for October 31st, why not decorate a Halloween Christmas tree, too? It’s the perfect backdrop for your creepy celebrations. To inspire your designs, we asked some of our crafty friends to decorate Treetopia black trees for Halloween.

Reliving Horror Hits

Freddy vs Jason movie-inspired ornaments as an idea for decorating black trees for Halloween

Unleash your creativity, pick a horror movie for your theme, and create unique Halloween tree decorations. If you’re looking for something slasher film-inspired, check out Ashlyn Tejada’s Freddy vs. Jason tree.

Jason Voorhees mask and other Freddy vs Jason-inspired Christmas tree decorations

Freddy vs Jason-inspired tree ornaments and props

The scream queen crafted a half-and-half mannequin head tree topper and handpainted clay ornaments. She even painted Friday the 13th posters that feature the iconic hockey mask of Jason Voorhees. And that’s not all. She added DIY tree accents, including an Elm Street sign, Freddy’s arm, and a machete. Watch the video to get an eyeful of her gory-geous Halloween tree.

The Fairest One of All

Landscape shot of Disney Evil Queen-inspired ornaments that go well with black trees for Halloween

Fantasy flicks and cartoons also make fun Halloween themes. Why not bring your favorite fairy tale to life by decorating your tree? Take a page from the book or capture a scene from the movie. Use black trees for Halloween as a tribute to Walt Disney characters, books by the Brothers Grimm, stories by Hans Christian Andersen, and more. You get plus points for dressing up as one of the characters!

Disney Evil Queen-inspired black tree for Halloween

Evil Queen cape tree topper and other ornaments

Don’t limit yourself to heroes and heroines. Halloween’s a great excuse to celebrate your beloved villain—yes, we know you have one. Our friend Raquel Basil of @flysuburbanmom shows you how. Her black tree was inspired by the Evil Queen from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Score ornaments like these from your nearest Halloween store or support small online businesses. Raquel got her mirror and apple ornaments custom made by @paperaccentstoo.

Whimsical Glamoween

Landscape shot of whimsical glam ornaments that go well with black trees for Halloween

If scary films or fairy tales aren’t your thing, maybe a fancy take on Halloween is more up your alley. Get inspired by Antoinette Boston’s boo-tiful tree design. The professional decorator behind @absholidaydecor shares, “For this tree, I broke a long-standing rule of mine to never use actual Christmas ornaments on a Halloween tree.”

Glam and boo-tiful ornaments on a black tree for Halloween

Close-up shot of whimsical glam black Halloween tree ornaments

Black opalescent ornaments inspired her color palette. She veered away from orange and used candy apple green, purple, and black-and-white ornaments. Her tip when shopping for ornaments: hunt down unconventional pieces. Bright colors and funky shapes just pop against the dark foliage of black trees for Halloween. Some of her great finds include striped pumpkins and tree picks. Will you look at the ghost decorations? Too adorable!

Portrait shot of Freddy vs Jason-inspired black Halloween tree with Ashlyn of A Scream Queens Life
Freddy vs. Jason Tree by Ashlyn of A Scream Queen’s Life
Raquel Basil with her Disney Evil Queen black tree for Halloween
Disney Evil Queen Tree by Raquel of @flysuburbanmom
AB’s Holiday Decor with a Whimsical Glam idea on decorating black trees for Halloween
Whimsical Glam Tree by Antoinette of AB’s Holiday Decor

Tip: Make a touchless Halloween tree for trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Share candies and other edible ornaments while observing social distancing.

Black Christmas Tree Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond

Decorated Tuxedo Black Tree with black, gold, and white theme

When your creepy celebrations are over, transition your décor from Halloween to the holidays. Christmas tree ornaments in white or pastel colors are a striking contrast to black foliage. This effect is even more dramatic when you combine ornaments in matte and shiny finishes. Choose a theme that expresses your unique personality. This applies to when you’re decorating for the holidays or for other celebrations throughout the year.

Christmas Magic

You don’t need to stick to one or two hues when thinking of a color scheme for your black tree. Make the candy cane red and white even more festive with gold or silver. Combine different shades of green and yellow for a merry and bright look. These shades pop against a black Christmas tree.

Another idea from @lasvegasmakeupgirl: Use all the colors of the rainbow! With iridescent ornaments, star-shaped accents, and twinkly lights, her dreamy theme is out of this world.

Inspired by Wonderful Winter Nights

black Christmas tree decorated with white poinsettias
Photo and decorating theme by Sparkle Living

Take a decorating theme from Christmas to the New Year to spring. Jessa of Sparkle Living used faux white flowers for a fresh vibe. They’re also a pleasing contrast to the black branches of her gorgeous tree.

For a springtime feel, trade in the snowflakes and balls for more silver ornaments and white floral picks.

Toast to a Sparkling New Year

artificial black Christmas tree decor
Gold and black tree décor by Copy Cat Chic

Gold, champagne, and platinum are colors that look elegant on a black tree. Choose a pre-lit holiday centerpiece to enhance the shine of metallic ornaments. Decorations in these hues also transition seamlessly from the holidays to January 1st.

Reichel Breussard of Copy Cat Chic show you how it’s done using a Treetopia black tree. After a sparkly Christmas, the shimmering decorations are also perfect for your New Year’s Eve bash.

Girl Power for Galentines Day

Planning a Galentine’s Day bash or a gender reveal? Switch from Christmas ornaments to girly decorations. For this Silver Shadow tree, @amypeters went with all things pink and sparkly. Doesn’t this tree spell P-R-E-T-T-Y from head to toe?

A Bohemian-Chic Summer

boho decor on a black tree
Bohemian tree décor by Jaderbomb

Why not decorate a black tree for summer or Christmas in July? Use ornaments in vivid colors and unusual shapes. Recreate the Coachella vibe at home with this decorating idea.

Check out this bright creation from Jaderbomb. J’adore her felt ball garlands. It’s a theme straight out of a boho dream. Doesn’t it call to mind the fun and fashionable vibe of your favorite summer event? Play some cool tunes and serve refreshing drinks for a music festival-themed party.

Lights, Camera, Decor-action!

2019 Academy Awards inspired black tree decorations
Academy Awards tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Hosting a movie night or a series finale viewing party? Imagine watching your show or film with cozy seats, popcorn, and a glammed-up space—now that’s how you treat your VIPs!

Set the stage for a fancy gathering with a glitzy black tree. Here’s a fun idea: how about an Oscars-themed tree for an Academy Awards viewing party? Jennifer Perkins’ take on a Black Gold Ombre tree is worthy of applause with its stars, film reel, clapboard, and movie camera decorations. Glittery black ornaments give the tree that red-carpet dazzle.

A Winning Theme

Carolina Panthers-themed Superbowl black tree.
Panthers-themed ornaments by Jen Perkins

Turn a black Christmas tree into a shrine for your sports team. Decorate it with memorabilia, team-themed ornaments, and streamers. The blacker the tree, the more your team’s colors pop. 

Jen Perkins shows us how with these Super Bowl-themed trees. Complete your décor by using Christmas balls, tinsel garlands, and other embellishments as accents. There are no rules when it comes to sports-themed trees, so be as imaginative as possible. We’re rooting for you!

Geek Out!

Not into sports but obsessed with pop culture? Pay tribute to your fandom by making ornaments inspired by your favorite characters.

The force is strong with this Star Wars-inspired Black Gold Ombre tree. Want more ideas to liven up your parties with the spirit of a true Jedi (or Sith)? Check out our guide on ways to celebrate May the 4th.

Tip: Once you decide on a black Christmas tree, make sure to choose one in a size suitable for your space. Look for a holiday centerpiece that checks off all your must-have features. Compare perks, options, and product reviews, too. And make sure to shop early, so you have more time to decorate.

We hope these black trees for Halloween and other occasions inspire you to decorate your own showstoppers. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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