The New Year is all about fresh beginnings, and it’s your chance to take things to an even higher level. Sprucing up areas of your home is one way to start the year right. Use our wreaths and garlands to create beautiful pockets of positivity to cheer you on.

Cheers to the New Year!

Raise your glasses to strengthening bonds with those dear to you. Let festive décor remind you how lucky you are to have them. Use a wreath and garland to jazz up your refreshment area like Kara of A Kailo Chic Life. She used disco balls and our Tinkerbell Silver garland for an all-year-party vibe.

Take a page out off Stephanie Prosa’s décor. She used our Pretty in Pink garland and confetti poppers to make it festive and fun. Like her, you can use a letter board for a personalized touch. Come up with your own special message or mantra for 2019 and spell it out as a reminder.

Let the Light Shine Through

Silver and pink wreaths and garland from Treetopia

Decorating your windows means you’re ready to let the good vibes in! Safi in Motherland dressed up hers with a wreath and scattered shiny balloons all over to welcome the New Year.

tinsel wreaths and garland decor

She extended the metallic and white color scheme to her tree and dining table with party hats and tinsel streamers. The garland, balloons, and glasses of rosé add shots of pink. Choose your favorite colors, add a dash of sparkle, and get ready to take the New Year by storm!

Warm it Up

It’s probably still chilly or snowing this time of the year. To heat things, up why not decorate your mantel with a bright garland and hang up a holiday wreath?

Mantel pink and white wreaths and garland

Hot colors like pink, orange, and red can instantly warm up a room’s ambiance. Call Me Christine used our pink garland to add a pop of color to her white mantel. Get crafty and create some DIY ornaments in vibrant hues to use as accents for your wreath. Christine used multicolored pompoms on hers.

Refresh with Greens

green wreaths and garland from Treetopia

Green is a color that’s bursting with life and positivity. Decorating your home with foliage can lift your spirits, making you think of the bright and beautiful outdoors. Check out how Vanessa of This Joyful Life twined her railings with our Balsam Spruce garland.

Balsam spruce holiday wreaths

Did you know that a wreath is a symbol of growth and the circle of life? Hang one up like Vanessa did to remind you that good deeds come around.

Spread your excitement for new beginnings by sharing these New Year decoration ideas with your friends and family. Visit Treetopia to score gorgeous wreaths and garlands, and start 2019 with a bang!

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