Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be coming to a close, but our watch should never stop.

This year, Treetopia is showing our support with two pink artificial wreaths decorated by our brand ambassadors, Kara Whitten of A Kailo Chic Life and Jennifer Perkins.

Jen's and Kara's Pink Wreaths
Kara and Jen support the cause with their gorgeous pink wreaths!

Kara’s Pretty In Pink Wreath and Jen’s Hot Pink Wreath deliver a single message: one of the best ways to fight cancer is to get checked regularly. Early detection is your best protection!

Here are some tips we picked up from Jen and Kara on how to create your own symbol of supporting Pink Power.

Words Move Mountains

fight embroidery hoops
Sometimes, a single word or phrase is all it takes.

Use words to convey your message. Cardstock and glitter stickers are an eye-catching way to create lettering. Just make sure they stand out against a pink backdrop. This can be done with surprising shifts in shade, like Kara’s “Check Yo Self,” or contrasting patterns, as in Jen’s “FIGHT.”

Pink Is Your Foundation, Build On It

Jen's Materials
Let your imagination run wild and play with different shades.

Using pink in your color scheme is a good idea, but it doesn’t have to cover your entire design. Work with contrasting colors, like black or even green. You have the whole color spectrum at your disposal, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Accents that symbolize the cause are essential in getting your statement across—just like Jen’s beige pumpkins and Kara’s pompoms.

Find Inspiration in the Cause

There are millions of people worldwide affected by cancer, each with an incredible story of bravery and determination. Come up with a concept that will get your message across in an inspirational way.

There are many other ways to advocate breast cancer awareness. You can also help by giving your time and donations to organizations that support the cause. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Susan G. Komen – What began as a promise between sisters turned into a global defense against breast cancer. From research to public policy, they use every opportunity to help.
  • – A non-profit organization that is one of the most reliable sites for information on breast cancer.
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. – NBCF’s mission is to give hope and aid to those affected by breast cancer through educational and medical programs and community support.
  • American Cancer Society – They strive for a world without cancer by saving lives with expert research and support.

Whether it be through other creative ways, financial aid, volunteer work—you name it, we can all make a difference. Let’s hear it for Pink Power!

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