green Christmas tree decorating ideas

There’s something about a green Christmas tree that never fails to get you in the mood for the holidays. We think it’s a combination of nostalgia and tradition. This year, you can go for a classic red, gold, and green theme or try something new.

Here, our friends share expert tips and green Christmas tree decorating ideas. Read on to find out how to put a spin on your décor.

Turn on the Color

Rainbow gradient ornaments Christmas tree decorating idea
Michael Wurm’s rainbow gradient Christmas tree.

First, pick a palette based on your favorite hues for your ornaments and trim. Why not go beyond silver, gold, and red? There are endless combinations to choose from whether you’re into neutrals or brights. You can even do up a green Christmas tree with ornaments in gradient colors like Michael Wurm of Inspired by Charm.

Vintage Christmas tree decorating ideas
Classic ornament finds and tinsel for Beverly’s vintage Christmas tree

Or, you can go for a vintage theme like Beverly McCullough of Flamingo Toes. She hung colorful classic ornaments and gold tinsel garlands on a flocked green Christmas tree. Pink lights and the presents under her tree turned up the color wattage even more.

Beverly says: To finish things off, I added a few extra ornaments and then gave myself a day or so to see if I noticed any open spots or any place that needed some extra color.

vintage ornaments green christmas tree decorating idea
Pink lights are a fun touch.

In addition, check out our post on how to collect vintage Christmas ornaments in case you want to go for a similar decorating theme.

Experiment with Ornament Shapes

different ornaments on a green Christmas tree
Unique ornament shapes on a flocked tree by Lia Griffith

There are many ways to decorate a Christmas tree and most call for ornaments. Spherical ones are the most common. Try combining these with other less traditional pieces like Lia Griffith did. The genius in using a variety of forms is you create different focal points of interest all over your tree.

different ornaments on a green Christmas tree
The ornaments on Lia Griffith’s tree definitely spark joy!

Lia says: When decorating a Christmas tree, vary your ornaments in size and texture to add interest. Also remember to add simple glass ornament deeper inside the tree to create depth.

To demonstrate, Maggie of Maggie Holmes Design decorated her artificial green Christmas tree with gorgeous gold chipboard letters. Don’t you think the miniature wreaths are a pretty touch? Her decorating theme is a dream to say nothing of its white, gold, and silver palette.

DIY Christmas decorating ideas
DIY letters, stars, wreaths, and balls on a tree by Maggie Holmes Design.

Maggie says: Buy what you love! I find that when I buy the things I love; I can always find a way to work them into our décor. I don’t worry about if it fits a certain time period or decorating style because I love a more curated and eclectic look.

Bring on the Metallics

metallic ornaments on a flocked Christmas tree
Heidi plays with different gold and silver ornament textures.

Third, we don’t see how any green Christmas tree theme can’t benefit from metallic ornaments. With this in mind, use a combination of matte, polished, or glittery to add texture to your tree décor. Additionally, they make your tree shine from any angle, with or without lights.

metallic green Christmas tree decorating idea
A gold and silver-themed flocked tree by Home by Heidi

For instance, Heidi of Home by Heidi decked out a green flocked tree with gold and silver elements. Her Christmas tree topper is literally the star of the show. Notice how she played with different metallic finishes and textures. Also, they show up exceptionally well against the flocking.

Heidi says: I wanted to be sure the colors popped against the white of the tree, so I made sure to use bright golds and silvers. For the finishing touch, I used a natural and silver colored ribbon so the silver would pop against all the pretty white branches.

Fill it in with Trim

Decorating Christmas tree with ribbon

Michael Wurm doesn’t hold back on the trimmings for his green tree.

When decorating a Christmas tree consider using ribbon, picks, and other trim. These fill up any gaps between branches and complements ornaments. For example, Michael of Inspired by Charm decorated his green holiday centerpiece with black and red checked ribbon, faux berry picks, and clip on poinsettias.

Classic green Christmas tree decorating ideas
Cassie Freeman goes for a rustic glam look with her trimmings.

To illustrate, Cassie Freeman of Hi Sugarplum! filled in her tree with garlands made from gold beads and twine and pinecones for a decorating theme that is both woodsy and glam. As a result, she created a warm and inviting scene straight out of your favorite Christmas story.

Cassie says: Big bows tied using colorful ribbon is an easy, inexpensive way to not only fill your tree, but add fun new colors each year.

Light it Up

lighting options for a green Christmas tree
A side-by-side comparison of clear and multicolored lights.

Finally, Christmas lights do wonders for highlighting your ornaments and trim. Trees with traditional clear lights have a warm, subtle glow, while multi-colored lights add a fun touch to any display.

Pine Artificial Christmas Tree 8T
Watch as the lights switch from clear to multicolored on a green tree.

You can also go for LED lights as an energy-saving option. If you can’t make up your mind, then choose a tree that gives the best of both worlds. In fact, Treetopia has artificial green trees that feature color-changing LED technology. It lets you switch from multi-color to clear lighting.

All things considered, we hope this post helps you create your most gorgeous decorating theme yet. Share this post for who want to add a twist to their classic green Christmas tree.

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