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Try out these easy ways to make your entryway more welcoming through personalized design

Whether you’re entertaining guests or just coming home after a long day’s work, your home’s entryway both creates a big impression and sets the mood for whoever steps into your home. Regardless if your foyer is a huge room, a closet-like space, or a section of a corridor, there are simple ways on how to infuse your style into this area and make your home welcoming from the time you open the door. Check out these simple tips:


Decide on a Function

Before you go about purchasing items for your entryway, you have to first decide how you would use this space. Are you the type who easily forgets important things? If so, you might want to turn your foyer into something like a “reminder area” to make sure you haven’t forgotten your car keys or wallet.

Are you very concerned with the cleanliness of your wall and floors? Turn your entryway into a small mudroom, and place trays and rubber carpeting to make sure the dirt remains near the door. You can even place a coat rack near the door so you don’t leave a trail of rainwater to the other rooms.

Set the Mood with Color

The interior of your home should be a reflection of how you want to feel when you spend your time in it, and color is one of the more effective ways to ease into your desired mood. Do you want a burst of happy energy the moment you open your door? Paint your foyer walls yellow. Do you want to tone down the stress from work? Neutral tones like gray or off-white help bring down your stress meter. You can even paint your door a different color to help set the mood.

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Be Bold with Patterns

Patterns work just as well as color when it comes to setting the mood. They can be either your basic two-tone or tri-color wall pattern or something more elaborate such as wallpapers with floral and other artistic designs.

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Improvise the Design

If you want a carpeted foyer but don’t have much time to put in the extra work for constantly keeping it clean, we suggest improvising the design. Instead of installing carpets, you can just paint a carpet design. If you have the time, you can install tiles with a different pattern to create a contrast while complementing the overall design. These especially help add texture and style to narrow entryways.

Eclectic Entry by Washington Interior Designers & Decorators Zoe Feldman Design, Inc.

Inject Your Personality

While colors and patterns give the overall mood once you open the door, it is how you decorate your entryway that gives it an added spice. Furnish it with carefully selected pieces that showcase your character and personal style. If you love vintage stuff, then display some vintage items on your entryway console.

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Perhaps you like something that’s shinier and more glamorous. You can use gold-painted frames to display photos and artwork to give your entryway a splendid shimmer.

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Do you love to welcome visitors into your home? You can add a little lounge or sitting area where they can relax as you prepare the living room for them.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your entryway look professionally designed. As a fabulous Treetopia reader, you already have great taste in fashion and design! All you have to do is channel and incorporate it into your home.

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