Picture with Santa cost in every state

With Thanksgiving officially in the books, preparations for the most wonderful time of the year are now underway. From the holiday music playing on your local radio station, to the Christmas lights popping up around town, to the intricately decorated tree in your living room, it’s clear that all signs point to Christmas.

If you have kiddos, you know that this time of year typically comes with a few extra challenges. Whether that means getting your children to smile for the Christmas card photo or behave at holiday gatherings, you’re sure to have your hands full.

We at Treetopia know how special the holidays are to families across America, especially those with young children. We’re here to lighten your load. If you’re busy, Santa photo prices aren’t something you think about until you’re in line at the mall, staring at the price list in disbelief. Well we’re giving you a heads up this year!

To find the average cost of a photo with Santa in each state, we took a look at some of the most popular malls in the biggest cities. After poring over the prices of different photo packages, here’s what you can expect to pay for Santa photos in state you call home.

The States with the Highest & Most Affordable Santa Photo Rates

Pictures with Santa prices by state map

For the states in darker pink on the map like Utah, Georgia, Washington, and Oregon, consider this fair warning. Don’t be alarmed if you show up for Santa photos and prices are a smidgen more expensive than you thought. After all, Santa has to make ends meet too, right?

It could be worse if you’re from Vermont, North Dakota, New York, Arizona, or North Carolina. These are the most expensive states for Santa photos, with prices ranging from $33 to $50. So, if you value affordable Santa photos, but see that your state makes the naughty list, it might be time to consider moving.

Some families move seeking lower costs of living, better schools, or simply a new adventure. In theory, you could also move just to have less-expensive Santa photos. Hypothetically, if you were to move for this reason, Alaska is your best bet. You only have to shell out around $11 for Santa photos each year. If you’re not sure that you can handle the frigid Alaskan weather, consider moving to Alabama or Mississippi, where photo prices are only $20 and $21, respectively.

Most and least expensive states for photos with Santa chart

Santa Photos with Your Fur Babies!

What might be cuter than photos of children with Santa? You guessed it, pet photos. Some states are better than others when it comes to your pet’s photo with Santa. Not in terms of price, though, since PetCo and PetSmart offer this service for free. Rather, some states have greater opportunity for pet photos with Santa than others.

For instance, if you’re from California or Texas you’re likely to have a plethora of options for your furry friend’s photo op. However, if you’re from North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, or West Virginia, your options are more limited. We’re not saying it’s not doable, but getting your pet’s photo taken with Santa might entail a bit of a trek.

States with most pet photos with Santa map

The good news is no matter which state you call home, Santa photos for your pet or your child are well within reach. That said you might have to shell out a bit more dough in some states. Also, you might have to drive a bit further than you’d like in others.

But, at the end of the day, won’t that priceless photo of your child or pet on Santa’s lap make it all worthwhile?

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