Mini Halloween trees by Jennifer Perkins

I get it, not everyone is ready to commit to a 6 ft tall Halloween tree, and that’s okay. Tabletop trees are the perfect solution. All the fun, without the commitment or need for space. Not just tabletop trees—think garlands and wreaths too!

Mini tree vignette for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

Mini trees are the perfect addition to any Halloween vignette. Your personal Halloween vignette does not need to involve vintage medical models – but you do you. Either way nothing says Halloween quite like a black mini tree poking out of a pumpkin.

Jennifer Perkins Halloween garland with vintage mask collection by Jennifer Perkins

I’m also a fan of Halloween garlands. Whether you hang yours over the fireplace, above a door or atop a shadow box and covered with Halloween masks they look great. Plus just like a Halloween tree you can add ornaments!

Halloween mantle with tabletop trees by Jennifer Perkins

No Halloween owl is complete without his own personal black tree to hang out with. Might I suggest making some DIY Doily Covered Pumpkins to match.

Decorative mini Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Kid Friendly Halloween Diorama Ornaments look amazing in a black tabletop Halloween tree. That’s half the fun of having a Halloween tree, wreath or garland – making your own ornaments.

Halloween mini tree with DIY Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

Not as kid friendly are these extra creepy DIY Doll Part Strew Ornaments. Again, nestled into a black tabletop tree which looks amazing in this Halloween vignette.

Tall and skinny Halloween tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins

What kinda Halloween tree person are you? Do you go big or go home or are you a more mini tree kinda guy or gal? Big or small just make sure your creepy casa is not without a Halloween tree of some shape or size.

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