As the saying goes, “There’s a monster inside each of us.” Not literally, of course. The idea is that it’s human nature to have a good and bad side. If the latter was a creepy creature, it may as well be one of pop culture’s beloved Halloween monsters. They’ve been around for ages. And while fictional, they have a lot in common with humans—quirks and all! Take this personality quiz to find out which Halloween creature screams “you.”

A Holiday Centerpiece to Match Your Halloween Monsters

Was the result accurate for you? Why not dress up as your inner Halloween monster on October 31? Also, we hope it inspires you to decorate a bewitching Halloween tree. Whatever theme you have in mind, there’s a Treetopia centerpiece to match your style. Check out our selection of unique and colorful trees.

Some of our boo-tiful trees are on sale now, so check out the best deals, including some of our colorful new arrivals. Grab those tree-ts before they’re gone!

Narrow down your choices by exploring Treetopia’s themed collections. Explore the Halloween line of black and orange Christmas trees. For one-of-a-kind colors and designs, try the Novelty collection. Or maybe you’re looking for a slim tree with a striking hue. Then, the Essentials collection is right for you. If you’re looking for traditional green Christmas trees, we also have a lot of options—from full and tall to slim and small.

We hope this quiz helped you figure out your inner Halloween monster. Share it with family and friends and compare results. Happy Halloween!


  1. Theresa Hutchison Reply

    My Daughter & I Love To decorate for Halloween. Love it!
    We would love this tree… plus it would boost my spirits, as I had 36 surgeries, going for 1 more. I am disabled From a serious car accident. Prayers 🙏🏻 That we win❤️🙏🏻❤️
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter. God Bless❤️

  2. Doris Snyder Reply

    My granddaughter, 30, is a “Halloween Junkie”. Has latched on to all my outrageous decorations and adds more to her collection every year.

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