Jennifer Perkins with her Black Halloween tree

Remember when I posted about the Teal Pumpkin Project? Well in case you did not get enough Tuxedo Black Tree action, we are back for more! Here I am just leisurely relaxing with my cat (too bad my black one is not in the picture instead), and one of my many Halloween trees. This week, I’ve given you a tour of all my Halloween trees: candy corn, hot pink, table top trees and lavender.

DIY teal pumpkin by Jennifer Perkins

The thing about this gorgeous tree is that it is thick and dense. This means you need a LOT of decorations to make it look full. This tree has DIY teal pumpkins, witchy woman ornaments, Halloween colored yarn pompoms, striped half pumpkins, and more. With a dark colored tree like this, you can really never add too much stuff.

Jennifer Perkins Halloween tree.

I decorated this entire room with this specific tree in mind. I knew I wanted the tree to have a Teal Pumpkin Project theme, so I kept that theme going throughout the room. Teal skulls, teal glass, and more—all match the teal ornaments all over my black tree.

Black Halloween tree by Jennifer Perkins

Even the vintage spiders on the wall match the teal theme! This is always one of my favorite rooms in the house to put a tree and this year’s black Halloween tree did not disappointment. Thank you Jennifer M. Ramos for the pretty pictures.

Want to see pictures of my Black Halloween Tree from years past? Keep reading!

Black Mask Tree

The first year I had this tree I filled it with my vintage Halloween mask collection.

Black and Gold Ombre Tree

The year that my Halloween got a little glitz and glam.

Ombre Halloween Tree by Jennifer Perkins

Halloween Blow Mold Tree

I’m always using my trees as a way to display my holiday collectibles.

Which tree has been your favorite so far: Candy Corn, Table Top, Hot Pink, Lavender, or Tuxedo Black? Pop over to for more Halloween fun!

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