The latest addition to my Halloween tree forest is this guy: Mr. Lively Lavender. At first, I was skeptical about how a lavender tree would work for Halloween, but I gotta tell ya—this is my favorite tree this year! I know I never thought I could love a tree more than the candy corn tree, but this year, it’s happened.

What does one decorate a lavender Halloween tree with? For me, it started turning into what not to decorate the tree with. Vintage Halloween masks, orange ball fringe, felt skull, blue floral picks, and or course ornaments. The more I added the better this tree looked. I can’t wait to make some Christmas magic happen with this beauty.

This was the perfect tree to display my DIY Felt Monster ornaments. I made these ornaments just for this tree, and I’m pretty sure they like their new home. Just look at that red Bride of Frankenstein!

Next to the lavender tree in the window, I hung my Halloween advent calendar. As if my kids were not excited enough for Halloween by all the decorations.

Here is the entire kitchen in all it’s Halloween glory. I love that this tree fits right in to the corner perfectly!

Tomorrow, I’m wrapping my week long home tour up. Which tree has been your favorite so far: Candy Corn, Table Top, Hot Pink or Lavender?

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