If you’re in the market for a new artificial Christmas tree, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the dizzying range of shapes, sizes, and colors you can choose from. The most basic decision you probably need to make is whether to buy a traditional green tree or a contemporary colored one. Let’s break down and check out the advantages of each one.

Green Trees

A familiar appearance

It’s probably safe to say that most of us grew up with traditional Christmas trees, such as the Treetopia Oh Christmas Tree.

Traditional green Christmas tree with realistic foliage and clear lights
Oh Christmas Tree

Our fond memories of the mountain of gifts under our green tree are ones we’ll cherish forever. It is precisely this feeling of nostalgia and comfort that makes a green tree so irresistible. Plus, knowing that we’re keeping a time-honored tradition alive makes our heart swell with pride.

Highly realistic foliage

Most of today’s artificial Christmas trees are made from polyvinyl chloride plastic or PVC. An artificial tree usually has flat, stiff PVC needles, which can limit the tree’s realism. However, a number of manufacturers now offer trees made of polyethylene or PE. This type of tree is incredibly realistic, mimicking the color, shape, and texture of a live tree with amazing accuracy. Currently, the majority of PE trees are available only in natural green shades to further enhance realism.

More tree configurations

Some Christmas tree models are created to meet certain needs. Corner trees and flat backs are half- and quarter-sized trees, respectively, specifically designed for rooms with limited space.

Upside down Christmas tree with clear lights
Knocked Upside-Down Tree

Upside-down trees, such as the Treetopia Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree, are novelty trees meant for fun and playful displays. For the moment, these unique and useful configurations are offered only in shades of green.

Colorful Trees

A unique or modern look

Pink-colored Christmas tree with clear lights
Pretty in Pink Tree

Colorful Christmas trees, such as the Treetopia Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree, are great for those who prefer non-traditional Christmas décor. Trendy homeowners who enjoy expressing their style and personality or those who wish to make a bold design statement are the most likely to understand the appeal of colorful trees.

Winter White Christmas Tree

Although technically not a color, white is a hugely popular choice for people who love the pure, pristine look of a wintry, snow-covered Christmas tree.


Baby Blue Christmas Tree

From fierce red to cheery yellow to soothing blue, colorful trees come in a wide variety of hues and shades. With a little creative decorating, colored Christmas trees can make great displays even during the off-season.

Basics – Orange Tree

An orange tree blends in beautifully with your fall décor, while a black tree is the perfect prop for a Halloween celebration.

Specific color schemes

Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree

A colorful Christmas tree allows you to go all out on a specific Christmas or home color palette. Want to add more punch to your all-metallic holiday theme? Shimmering gold or silver trees are knockout choices.

Zebra Striped Christmas Tree

Can’t get enough of zebra prints? This black and white striped tree nails it.

Whichever color of Christmas tree catches your eye, the perfect tree is waiting for you at Treetopia.

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