Summer is about to end and it’s time to head back to school. One challenge most parents face is getting their kids excited for the new school year. One way to motivate your tykes or teens is to set up a dedicated study area. It’s their own little corner that has everything they need to ace those report cards.

kids study room ideas

We’ve put together some study room ideas to help make learning so much fun.

1. Set the Right Pace with Good Study Room Design

ideal study room design

Where you set up your kids’ study room is important. First things first, make sure it’s in a part of your home that’s quiet and comfortable. You can set one up in their rooms, but sometimes having a bed in plain sight can turn their thoughts from studying to snoozing. A TV and gadgets? Put your foot down on this one.

2. A Kid’s Desk and Chair are Must-haves

kids study desk and chair

Depending on how much room you have, choose a desk that’s large enough to fit stacks of books, school supplies, and only if necessary, a computer. Remember, all it takes is a couple of clicks to go from research to their current video game obsession.

Pick a chair that’s ergonomic, meaning that it’s built to support good posture while sitting down for long periods of time. An adjustable chair is a good choice. One with good back support and a headrest is even better.

3. Light It Up

right lamp for good study room design

All that studying is going to cause eye strain without the proper lighting. Lots of natural light is best so consider a study room with wide windows. Invest in a good desk lamp for when your kids will be studying in the late afternoon or evening.

Choose a lamp that’s flexible and emits a clear and bright light. You can adjust it to get rid of glare and shadows. Also consider the size of the desk. For example, a clip-on lamp would be the right choice for a small desk so there’s room for everything else.

4. DIY Decorate It

Everybody needs inspiration, especially your kids! Create fun and useful study room decorations that you can make together. Seeing their handiwork will inspire your kids to put their crafty creations to good use.

Cute Back to School Wreaths

  • christmas wreath decorations for back to school
    Letters & Numbers Wreath

Re-purpose your Christmas wreaths into Back to School decorations. Choose a theme according to your kid’s favorite class. For example, if your kid is into art decorate your wreath with artsy odds and ends like Jennifer Perkins. She used old school paint tins and paint brushes from the crafts store as ornaments. Another idea from Jen is to decorate a green Christmas wreath with magnetic letters, crayons, and eyeglasses. It can be a tribute to your kid’s favorite teacher.

Why stop with green when you can go every color of the rainbow. Teacher and DIY maven Cassie Stephens decorated a rainbow wreath with DIY school supply-themed accents. Check out more of Cassie’s Back to School decorating projects.

A Pencil Tree

pencil tree study room decoration
Image and pencil tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins

This pencil tree is too cute for words. Jennifer Perkins dreamed up this study room decoration to give her kids good study vibes. She transformed a yellow Christmas tree into a pencil using a paper mache craft cone. She used beige and black paint to add detail. Pink spray paint on a silver bucket made it look like an eraser. Check out her post for detailed instructions.

Notebooks Decorated with Watercolors

colorful crafts for kids study room ideas
Image source: Brit + Co

These gorgeous customized notebooks will make note taking fun. Brit + Co gives you three ways to work your creative bone using watercolor paints as your medium. Your teens will love this project. We know you’re going to want a set for yourself!

School Supply Organizers

organizers for kids study room
Image and DIY by Jennifer Perkins

If there’s one thing that can wreck anyone’s concentration, it’s clutter. Think of all the school supplies and books kids needs for an entire school year. Give them the space to organize these. Here’s another study room idea: instead of settling for plain organizers, customize them with your kids. We love these rainbow-stitched desk caddies by Jennifer Perkins. They’re easy to make and a sight for study-sore eyes. Check out her post to learn how to make them.

5. Set a Study Time

study room decoration moon clock
Image source: Hellobee

We can’t tell you enough how important it is for you and your kids to keep an eye on the clock. A set schedule helps form good study habits, plus leaves room for rest and quality time with the family. The younger they are, the faster it is to tire them out. Consider 20 minutes a stretch for your grade-schooler and 40 for a teen. If they need to study longer, make sure they have breaks and snacks to give them brain power.

Here’s an essential study room idea. Put a clock on your kid’s desk or hang one where it’s easily seen. This DIY Moon Clock from Hellobee is a study room decoration that lets your kids know when it’s time to start and end. We can see the boys loving this one.

6. Stick Around to Lend a Hand

mother and kids in study room

It’s great to encourage independence, but a little guidance from you goes a long way, especially for younger kids. We don’t mean you should hover and look over their shoulders as they study. Let them know that you’re always ready to help when they need it. Resist the urge to do their homework for them though. Experience is the best teacher at the end of the day.

Spark some back to school excitement by sharing this post with fellow parents or students. Got any study room ideas you want to share? Leave a comment below.

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