Green trees are awesome, but sometimes they fail to represent one’s personality. If you feel this way, it’s time to get yourself a dazzling, colored Christmas tree. Whether you’re bubbly, bold, sociable, or finicky, there’s sure to be a colored Christmas tree that will fit you to a T.

This post features a list of key tree colors for the season and decorating advice for each. Read on to find out which of these “New Traditional” alternatives to the conventional evergreen will suit your home and character.

Pink Christmas Tree

Pink Christmas trees in full or slim shape make a pretty holiday centerpiece, fluffy pink Christmas tree works as a tabletop decor, decorate for the holidays with a pre-lit pink Christmas tree
Whether it’s full, slender, or potted, you’ll love a pink Christmas tree like candy.

Pretty pink Christmas trees are suitable for a home teeming with neutral shades. The foliage of a pink tree adds a pretty blush to walls and surfaces. This is especially true for a pre-lit tree decked with shiny ornaments, as light reflects off shiny surfaces.

Textured trimmings in hot pink and red hues will enhance this tree’s foliage, while a gold mesh or beaded garland shall give it a sparkling effect. 

You can have a lovely pink tree in your living room, the hall, and even as a table centerpiece in the dining room.

Blue Christmas Tree

Decorate a blue pre-lit Christmas tree for the holidays, have an enchanting Christmas with a sparkling blue tree, enhance the beauty of a pre-lit blue tree with silver ornaments
Beauty and functionality blend perfectly in a blue Christmas tree.

A minimalist home with sleek furniture and white walls is the perfect backdrop for a sparkling blue tree. While it can serve as a stand-alone holiday décor, a pre-lit blue tree can still be accentuated with your favorite ornaments.

Create the illusion of glowing orbs and stars in a dark sky when decorated with glass baubles and silver ornaments. Glass icicles, on the other hand, will make it seem like there are real icicles hanging down from the branches of the tree. This wintry take on a unique holiday tree will, no doubt, make your home look enchanting.

Red Christmas Tree

Highlight this red Christmas tree in your holiday home, complement your home decor with a slim red Christmas tree, its deep red foliage makes this red tree a great table accent
Regardless of its size and shape, a red Christmas tree will always stand out.

No room is too dull or bright for a red Christmas tree. It can liven up a plain room in much the same way a room painted bright orange and purple.    

White patterned ornaments will work best with this type of colored Christmas tree, as white makes for a good contrast against its deep red foliage. To enhance the beauty of its branches, drape it with gold mesh or a garland. On the other hand, if you want your home to be screaming red in the coming holidays, you may want to consider metallic or glittery baubles in bold shades.

Purple Christmas Tree

Vibrant purple Christmas trees double the fun this Christmas, complement your holiday decorations with a dazzling slim tree, decorate a sparkling purple pre-lit tree for the holidays
Every one of Treetopia’s purple Christmas trees has a style all its own.

If you have a pink and blue motif at home, decorating a purple tree will be a lot of fun. Meanwhile, if you’re inclined to more earthy or neutral tones, you’ll still have fun with this tree because it can go with ornaments in muted colors like old rose and blue gray.

Regardless of what you hang on a purple tree, its vibrant, fluffy foliage will definitely steal the limelight come Christmas Day. 

Before the birth of red, blue, pink, and purple trees, the holidays was all about green pines. Try an unconventional colored Christmas tree this year, and enjoy an experience like you’ve never had before.

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