Find the perfect workout to get your body in the best shape this summer

Let’s skip all these

Now that spring has set its roots and the entire continent can sense the change in the weather patterns as summer prepares to take its turn, you and your friends are probably already planning a beach trip or two. If you want to get healthy and slim this summer without relying too much on gym equipment or eating up too much of your precious time, try out any of these great workouts.

Dance It Off

If you’re the type of person who loves to move around or enjoys good music blasting in the background, go for a full body workout that combines music and a routine you can use in the next dance party you’re going to. More and more people attend fitness classes that make use of dance moves to burn all those calories. Slim your way through Zumba or serious dance classes. If you’re looking for the next big thing, Sh’bam is another dance workout that is making its rounds in the UK and is a combination of hip-hop and Latin music and dance.

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Intensify It!

One of the concepts that has been incorporated into newer workouts is the High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. These are high-impact exercises that are done in short bursts followed by short rest periods or active recovery. This can be utilized in almost any type of workout. For instance, you can go to the boxing gym and hit the bag vigorously for 10 minutes, then take a rest by doing jump ropes for three minutes before attacking the bag again. You can also do this when you jog by alternating sprinting and jogging every 30 seconds.  Start with a 1:1 ratio, then adjust the ratio by doing more high-intensity exercises with shorter active recovery.

Fuse Your Favorites

If you get bored with doing the same workout all the time, fuse your favorite routines together. If you like how Pilates stretches your muscles but you also crave for a more action-driven workout, try piloxing, which is a fusion of Pilates and boxing. Are you more into the calm and serene atmosphere during a workout? Fuse together yoga and pilates with yogalates! If you can’t find existing fusion classes that you’d really love to do, make your own. Swimming and boxing, anyone?

Go Extreme

Are you the type who would rather be forced into sweating out every bead of sweat in your body? Try out boot camp workouts offered in your area. Better yet, convince a friend to join boot camp classes with you. CrossFit workouts combined with the Paleo Diet, also known as the “Caveman diet,” is popular right now so you can just join the bandwagon.

Just Follow

If you’re the type who is too shy to hit the gym alone or if you haven’t found the perfect workout program for your body yet, have no fear.  There are many available workout DVDs that you can just play and follow at home. Whether dancing to hip-hop and Latin music or handing out jabs and kicks to an imaginary punching bag, you’ll soon find one that suits you best.

Shaving off the remaining weight isn’t as difficult as many people think it is if you really have the willpower to stick to your regimen. Just think about how good you’ll look in a few weeks’ time and your body will soon forget how much your muscles ached during the first few times you worked out.

What’s your favorite workout?

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