When you’re short on space but still want to keep the holiday spirit alive, a pre-lit pencil Christmas tree is the ideal choice. Unlike the traditional full profile, a classic green or colorful pencil tree is slender from tip to base.

Despite its narrow profile, a pencil tree opens up doors for showcasing your creativity and exploring new styles. Read on for tips on how to decorate your pencil Christmas trees for the holidays and other occasions throughout the year.

Pick a Color and Theme for Your Pencil Christmas Tree

Consider the holiday you’re decorating for and pick a theme inspired by something close to your heart. It could be flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, bunnies and painted eggs for Easter, or your favorite scary flick for Halloween. This will help you decide on the color of your Christmas tree

Treetopia offers pencil Christmas trees in various colors and heights. Depending on the theme you have in mind, choose from traditional green or one a in a vibrant and unique hue.

A pencil Christmas tree come with a 5-year foliage and 2-year light warranty. Colorful options feature clear lights and stands that match the foliage. In addition, each comes with a female socket affixed to the topmost branch for a lighted tree topper.

Once you’ve chosen your pencil Christmas tree and theme, you can start decorating. Avoid overwhelming the foliage by using a well-defined color motif. Choose a palette with one or two dominant colors and decorate with ornaments in varying hues of that palette for a polished, modern look.

Here’s a terrific example. Sarah of All Things with Purpose decorated the Treetopia Mia Pencil tree in different shades of teal and white. She used blue-green ornaments in polished and matte finishes complemented by white woodland themed décor.

Use Three Dimensional Decorations

Lizzy of The Connoisseur of Cute decked out a Treetopia pink pencil tree inspired by South Texas. This is a super cute decorating idea for summer, especially Christmas in July.

Three dimensional ornaments like avocados, margaritas, and piñatas enhance the volume of the pink pencil Christmas tree’s foliage, adding an illusion of depth.

Another 3D layering strategy is distributing smaller ornaments within the tree, nearest to the trunk, with larger decorations hanging on the outer parts. Think of the inner part of the tree as the farther edge of your line of sight, while the outer is the closer plane.

Decorate with Ribbons and Garlands

Add ribbons and garlands in the mix to make your pencil Christmas tree even more fabulous. Equally important, is they helps define its slim profile, adding horizontal volume to your display.

skim milk pencil Christmas tree
Photo credit: Flamingo Toes

Bev of Flamingo Toes wound plaid ribbon around the Skim Milk White Pencil Tree. It tied her farmhouse theme together and emphasized the tree’s unique shape. Also, the red and black color palette and additional ribbon accents stood out against the white foliage.

For Halloween, Miranda of Spooky Little Halloween decorated the No. 2 Pencil Christmas tree with a theme inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. She used book pages to craft a garland to resemble chains associated with the literary monster. On the other hand, Sarah of All Things with Purpose draped faux cobwebs on the Struck Gold Pencil tree for her elegant take on Halloween. Both garlands emphasized the extra slim profile.

Finish with a Unique Tree Topper

Mystical vibes pencil Halloween tree by Vickie Howell

Bring visual interest to the highest point of your tree with a unique tree topper and let it tie in with the rest of your decorating theme just like Vickie Howell did with the Stiletto Black Pencil tree.

Lizzy’s palm tree topper with sweeping green branches contrasts the tapered pink foliage of her pencil Christmas tree. On the other hand, Miranda’s lighting bolt has clean lines and angles that immediately draw the eye. Vickie’s skeleton tree topper is fun, unique, and a perfect fit for her mystical Halloween theme.

Match with Your Décor

Use your pencil Christmas tree to complement your home’s interior decorations. Matching your tree’s design with your interiors gives it bigger visual impact, especially in smaller spaces.

This pencil Christmas tree theme by Pretty Life Girls fits seamlessly with the interiors.

The non-traditional profile of your pencil Christmas tree shouldn’t limit your decorating choices. In fact, it gives you more room for creativity and space overall!

Browse Treetopia’s wide range of pencil Christmas trees. Pick one that suits your decorating style and get creative. If you have decorating ideas you want to share, leave a comment below.

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