new beautiful Christmas trees for Treetopia in 2015
Fab New Finds From Treetopia

The holidays coming up, and we want to give you a hand with your decorations. Choose from our fresh selection of beautiful Christmas trees to go with your special decorating theme. In part 1, we discovered  trendy and techy trees, and in this next installment of Fabulous New Finds, we’ll show you how to celebrate Christmas in full color with more new tree offerings from Treetopia!

Christmas in Color

colorful Christmas trees to celebrate Yuletide festivities
L: Red Red Pine, UR: Obsidian Black Tree, LR: Treetopia Basics- Yellow Tree

The basics collection just got a vibrant and lively addition with the Treetopia Basics- Yellow Tree. It features vivid yellow foliage and sturdy branches that will highlight your most whimsical decorating ideas. This tree’s slim profile is pre-lit with premium clear lights that are sure to brighten up your home.

The Obsidian Black Tree will impress your guests at every holiday celebration. This elegant Christmas tree has a narrow silhouette, and features ink black needles complemented by brilliant clear lights. It is a versatile piece that’s ideal for any festive celebration—from Halloween to Christmas.

Our Red Red Pine is a striking addition to any holiday home. Dressed in dazzling red foliage, this artificial pine allows you to decorate in a classic red and white motif or with modern, eclectic pieces. Vivid clear lights and a slender silhouette mean hassle-free decorating, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this tree made an encore at your Valentine’s Day or Halloween party!

Back with More

Bring elegance to your holiday parties with these unique Christmas trees
L: Black Gold Ombre Tree, R: Silver Shadow Ombre Tree

The Silver Shadow Ombre Tree is a uniquely Treetopian tree, with its gradient palette that transitions from black, to gray, and silver. With its new heights and lighting options, this elegant black tree is sure to suit any style, whether adorned with your choice of ornaments or left to shine on its own.

Similarly, the chic Black Gold Ombre Tree is another Treetopian favorite because of its black, bronze, and gold gradient and stylish slim profile. This year, our showstopper of a tree comes in more heights and pre-lit options to fit your style.

Dream Team

Treetopia's collection of premium white Christmas trees just got bigger
Frozen Fir, UR: Snow Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree, LR: Sparkling White Christmas Tree

Our Frozen Fir brings your white Christmas dreams to life with its pristine, flocked white needles. With downward sloping branches, it is a beautiful backdrop for classic or contemporary decorations, and gorgeous even when unadorned. Designed for the modern home with convenience in mind, it features hand-strung clear lights and a slender profile for effortless setup.

Our Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree calls to mind the beauty of snow-kissed pine forests. It features generously flocked natural green foliage, vivid clear lights, and downswept branches that are perfect for decorating with woodsy or colorful ornaments.

A glittering holiday centerpiece, our Sparkling White Christmas Tree features a combination of PE, PVC, and pine needles that are dusted with glitter for a remarkable sheen. It has a classic, full silhouette and hand-strung clear lights that will showcase your decorating savvy.

Our new artificial trees ensure that your Treetopian home will celebrate Christmas in style. Stay tuned for our Fabulous New Finds post to find chic Christmas ornaments to complement your new Treetopia tree.

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