Small black Halloween tree
Small black Halloween tree with DIY doll parts by Jennifer Perkins

These my friends, may be the creepiest Halloween ornaments I have ever made—and I’ve made A LOT of Halloween ornaments in my day. When I had the crafty idea to join together my box of vintage doll parts and some old children’s pots and pans, I knew I was onto something. Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for at the store, you can always make it yourself. Needless to say, they don’t have doll part stew ornaments at the store.

Doll parts Halloween ornaments on a black tree by Jennifer Perkins
DIY Halloween Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

These little ornaments are like wee pieces of mixed media or assemblage. There is no right or wrong way to make them. Everything really depends on the supplies you have on hand. Go gory if you want, add witch hats to the dolls, use more realistic looking bugs—make it your own.

Doll parts Halloween ornament supplies by Jennifer Perkins
Doll Parts DIY Materials


  • Doll parts
  • Plastic bugs and snakes
  • Scissors
  • Batting
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Small toy pots and pans
  • Small ornaments or pompoms
Halloween tree in black with doll part decorations by Jennifer Perkins
DIY Decorations on a Tuxedo Black Tabletop Tree

Even if you don’t hoard vintage toys like I do, you can still make these. Look at the thrift store or dollar store for toy dishes and dolls you can take a part. Sure vintage dolls who are missing their eyeballs look creepier, but new works just fine.

DIY spooky doll parts Halloween ornament by Jennifer Perkins
Spooky Doll Parts Ornament

Cotton batting (or pillow stuffing) is the secret sauce to the doll part stew ornaments. They help create an overflowing fullness to the pots and also give the illusion of steam. Start with a handful of batting in the pot and then glue in plastic snakes, dolls, and pompoms. Think Hansel and Gretel. Creepy I know, but it is Halloween after all.

Black Halloween tree with doll part stew ornaments by Jennifer Perkins
Purple and Lime Green Theme for Halloween

Decorate the rest of your black tree with ornaments just as you would any other black Halloween tree. I kept up the purple and lime green theme. Floral sprigs are a good idea in any tree, as they add depth and dimension.

Spooky Halloween doll parts ornament by Jennifer Perkins
Creepiest DIY Ornaments yet?

I told you these babies were the creepiest Halloween ornaments I’ve made yet. Too creepy for you, or not creepy enough?

Don’t forget, all week I am sharing DIY Halloween ornaments here on the Treetopia blog. Check back for more fun tomorrow!

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Creepy Halloween wreath made of doll parts by Jennifer Perkins
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