There’s only one thing better than celebrating Christmas each year. Doing it twice! One of the best things about this occasion is that you get to enjoy all the amazing things about winter and summer in one go. Get ready to party because these Christmas in July party ideas have you covered.

Christmas in July party ideas

If this is your first time to hear about Christmas in July, then you’re in for a treat. This holiday has been around for over 80 years, originating in North Carolina at a girl’s camp. Australia celebrates during their winter season, which is the equivalent of our summer.

There are places in the U.S. that are famous for their events. But, if you would rather make this holiday your own and party at home, here’s how.

Double the Fun with Your Décor

1. Pick a Party Theme

Unless you live in the Eastern Hemisphere, then temperatures are at an all-time high. This means you get to celebrate Christmas in July having fun in the Summer sun.

family picnic Christmas in July party ideas
Photo and tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Why not celebrate with a picnic? You can spread out a couple of blankets and dine on your lawn or on the beach. If it’s too hot, picnic indoors like Jennifer Perkins. She decorated a green Christmas tree with decorations based on what her kids love: fruit! They had fun crafting and eating fresh, sweet treats.

luau Christmas in July party ideas

Another idea is to fire up your grill for a barbecue and have a pool party. If it’s just too hot for either, crank up your AC and have a buffet-style spread inside the cool comfort of your home. How about a Carribean cruise-themed party? Or did anyone say luau? Bust out your Tiki décor and put on a Hawaiian shirt (or skirt) instead of the traditional ugly Christmas sweater.

2. Choose Your Color Scheme

Colors for Christmas in July party ideas

Put on two of your creative caps—one for Christmas and the other for summer—and start planning your color palette.

4th of July and Christmas in July party ideas

You might want to trade in the green, red, and gold of Christmas for the bright hues of summer. Think flamingo pinks, citrus peel oranges and yellows, ocean blues, and summer picnic greens. You can even combine your Christmas and 4th of July celebrations by using patriotic colors.

Just like Jen, pull out your traditional green tree from storage, give it a good cleaning, and set it up. Because what’s Christmas without one? Or, use a colorful artificial Christmas tree plus a wreath and garland. Choose them in your favorite shade. Pink, blue, red, white, orange, purple, and even rainbow, there’s one for your unique Christmas in July decorating vision.


Tip: Now is the best time to shop like crazy because most of your favorite stores offer Christmas in July sales, including Treetopia!

3. Weave Your DIY Ornament Magic

Decide on what you love most about summer. Whatever it is, you can use it as inspiration for your Christmas in July DIY ornaments. Mix and match your creations with classic Christmas decorations to keep Santa in the loop.

fun tree for Christmas in July party ideas
Photo and décor by Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY

Love the beach? Then go with a coastal theme and decorate it with nautical elements like Jennifer Perkins. Can’t live without ice cream? Craft up a DIY ice cream ornament storm like Jennifer Priest of Smart Fun DIY, who hung them on the Knocked Upside Down Tree.

fun tree for Christmas in July party ideas
Photo and décor by Jennie of Craft-O-Maniac

Jennie Larsen of Craft-O-Maniac decorated a white Christmas tree with flamingo-themed decorations. She extended the theme to her table setting down to the pink drinks with flamingo decorative straws.

DIY crafts for Christmas in July

Here are more projects to try out:

Get Creative with Your Christmas in July Menu

Now that you have your theme nailed down, plan a menu to match. There are a lot of traditional Christmas food and beverages that you can serve despite the warm weather. Plus, you can always make some summery tweaks to the recipe.

1. Drinks

eggnog for Christmas in July party ideas
Image source: The Novice Chef

Take eggnog, for instance. Serve it chilled and use coconut rum instead of cognac or brandy. We spotted this amazing Puerto Rican take on eggnog or coquito by Jessica of The Novice Chef.

2. Starters

gazpacho Christmas in July party food
Image source: Inside the Rustic Kitchen

It’s a good idea to start your holiday feast with soup and salad. This time go for a soup that’s best served cold like gazpacho. This recipe from Emily and Nathan of Inside the Rustic Kitchen for Melon Gazpacho Soup with Crispy Prosciutto has a distinct Italian flavor. We love how they used melon as a sweet and fruity base.

chicken salad for Christmas in July party
Image source: My Food Story

It’s time to put the summer greens growing in your garden to good use. This recipe by Richa of My Food Story puts a tropical twist on your favorite grilled chicken salad with a mango cilantro dressing that also acts as marinade. She used veggies like cucumber, avocado, and lettuce and spiced them up with peppers.

3. Your Main Course

Turkey burgers for Christmas in July picnic
Image source: The Stay at Home Chef

Your Christmas in July menu won’t be complete without a turkey, but this time why not cook it on the grill instead of the oven? This is perfect for if you’re hosting a barbecue. If you’re picnicking on the lawn a more casual option would be turkey burgers. Rachel of The Stay at Home Chef has a recipe that guarantees one juicy bite after another.

4. Dessert

alternative fruitcake for Christmas in July party
Image source: The Brick Kitchen

For dessert, an idea is stick to a traditional Christmas favorite: fruitcake. But, instead of the usual candied fruit, get inspired by this recipe from Claudia of The Brick Kitchen. She used blueberries, apricots, and raspberries to add a burst of flavor to a simple but delicious vanilla cake. It may not be the fruitcake you’re used to, but it’s the perfect Christmas in July dessert that you can bring to the table.

You Got Game!

For your Christmas in July party, why not plan some games that the kids (and the big ones) can enjoy?

1. Pin the Heart on the Grinch

Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, pin the heart on everyone’s favorite holiday fiend! If anybody in your party is in a funk, this should lighten their mood because nobody wants to be the one who stole Christmas in July.

2. White Elephant

Girls gifts Christmas in July party ideas

Just because its summer it doesn’t mean you can’t keep the holiday tradition of gift-giving alive. This game makes it more spontaneous. Bring a summer-themed gift to the party like a beach towel or cute pool float. Pass around a hat with names so each person can draw their recipient randomly. Hold a separate game for the kids so they’re sure to get age-appropriate gifts.

3. Wreath Toss

wreath for Christmas in July party ideas

This classic Christmas game is usually done indoors. It’s basically ring toss but with wreaths. Now that it’s sunny outside you can play it in your yard. The good thing about doing this outdoors is you can anchor your wooden post firmly to the ground by driving it into the soil. Use wreaths in the smallest size. Six to seven feet away is a good distance. Or, keep it closer so the kids can join in on the fun.

Ukelele music christmas in july party ideas

When the fun and games are over, play some Christmas music to keep things extra lively. You can go for a traditional playlist like this one on Spotify. Or, if you play the ukulele, strum your own renditions of classic holiday tunes and ask everyone to sing along.

We hope these Christmas in July party ideas help you throw an unforgettable house party. Share this post with friends and family who love the idea of having a merry one twice in a year!

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